Mar 14, 2015

Top Ten Pony Videos and Songs of February 2015

Ugh, need to seriously get back into the swing of posting stuff.  Above is top videos below is songs and after the break is a handy dandy list of links to everything.

===Video links here

Everything Wrong with Dragon Quest by LittleshyFIM:

Godzilla Meets MLP by ToucanLDM:

Muffin Story - To Heart You by Khuzang:

Warframe Ponies: Rainbow Dash Zephyr by Yudhaikeledai:

Jean-Claude Van Damme Meets MLP by TechPony - (Reuploaded Version with Russian Subtitles):

Wrong Apple Tree by BrutalWeather Studio:

Evening by AlStiff:

The Shipping Game by Imma Toonlink Reverie:

Fluffle Puff Tales: Tug of War by Fluffymixer:

Love is a Yummy S'More by AnimatedJames:

Honorable Mentions:

I Before E by DeadlyComics:

Alien Vs Fluttershy by TS Animations:

Moonrise Animatic by Firelight Animations:

Opening Video:
Our Love Could Change the Future by Shabbycat:

Credits Song:
Moonrise: A Symphonic Metal Opera by The L-Train:

===And song links here.

10. Magic Show (Jeff Burgess Cover) - Vaceslav
Votes: 9

9. Love Is In Bloom (Acoustic Cover) - EnergyBrony
Votes: 10

8. Seaponies - The L-Train
Votes: 11

7. Hell To Your Doorstep - McSkwisi
Votes: 12

6. The Quest (VIP) - UndreamedPanic
Votes: 14

5. Don't Forget - Donn DeVore
Votes: 16

4. Under the Sun (Acoustic) - 4EverfreeBrony
Votes: 18

3. Poison Joke - TAPS ft. Bob E-Quine
Votes: 19

2. Dare Me - Starlight
Votes: 22

1. The Sweetest Thing - CookieSoupMusic
Votes: 24

Honorable Mentions:

#1 Under Our Spell (Mica Cover Remix) - 174UDSI

#2 Brony Case [Re-Mastered] - SteelChords ft. Rockin' Brony

#3 The Sun Can't Hide (Forever) - warbalist

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