Feb 1, 2015

Ponies in the Super Bowl!

I was in a diner at the time, so I was away from my computer, but I did catch this live. There are ponies in a super bowl commercial. (I don't typically watch sports, so good thing I was in a public area!)

I rushed back to my house as fast as I could to post this on OIM, just to slap a "Posted before Equestria Daily" label on this...

...only to discover that they beat me to it.

But their post only had a picture. Mine would have a video of the commercial, making it better.

...except now they added a video to theirs by the time I found a video.

God dammit.

Posted after Equestria Daily.

Mine is higher quality video than theirs (for now, inb4 they update again), so that's something at least.

Edit: Yep. They updated again before I finished writing this post. Damn. I just can't win. Oh well, I tried.

Worth noting is that this is NEW FOOTAGE, and Twilight's Castle appears in the background, so this is likely some Season 5 stuff.

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  1. It's okay GS, I'll forgive you for not being inhumanly fast. After all you've beat them on many occasions!