Feb 14, 2015

MLP merch lots of toys and merch

She actually has her hat... it only took years and years but it finally happened.  I think I'm getting teary eyed.

So when I had my back turned there was more than a bit of toy news dropped, since there's a bunch I'm going to put it all after the break, and I'm only posting the better/ interesting stuff aka things that you might think are worth buying and not straight up junk or stuff that's so junk you just need to see it.

Just what I always wanted, Applejack sleeping in bed... and yet we still don't have a Sombra figure, just to remind everyone how screwed up Hasbro's toy branch is.

Apparently Hasbro really thinks we like the Apple family.... I really, really don't.

I'm sorry but that's way to much space to devote to a barn, yeah I'm gonna skip out on this one.

Weird compact ponies without legs... 

This is for children, it should be no one because this shit be creepy.

This one's a game, stripper pinkie in the cake for ages 10 and up.

Funko is now in the keychain business, unfortunately their soulless eyes are still horrible so no thanks.

Super overweight bad posture ponies?  Nope, well yes, but they're Pillow Pets, so if you want'ed to sleep on your favorite pony and the figures are to hard and uncomfortable then here's your chance.

More from Funko.  Nothing that sets my world on fire, but maybe you rabid Shining Armor fans, yeah all one of you, then this is your moment.

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