Jan 9, 2015

Sabrina Alberghetti Tweet

Sabrina "Sibsy" Alberghetti tweeted the above tweet about MLP Season 5. I have no idea what it means. Equestria Daily speculated that it could mean that the storyboards for Season 5 are done now, since Sibsy is the senior storyboard artist for the show.

But I would think that with the release of Season 5 only a few months away at most, and the fact that they've been working on it for a while now (the Season 4 finale was all the way back in May), the storyboarding should have already been completed by now. Unless they're going to do something silly like airing only half of the season now, and then take a short break, and then air the other half. But that seems incredibly unlikely, given that MLP is Discovery's flagship show.

Most likely, the tweet doesn't really mean anything in regards to storyboarding. Not to mention the fact that regardless of what it means, exactly, it doesn't affect us at all. I mean, it could say that Season 5 is completely 100% done in its entirety right now, and it just needs to air. But that wouldn't really do anything for us, since we're still just stuck waiting, so it's ultimately meaningless.

But, for those of you who want to make a complete list of everything that we know about Season 5, go ahead and add this to the list, I guess.

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  1. You'd think story boarding would be done, but then again I don't really know the process of how they make the episodes, so I can't really say. But yeah, we're just going to have to wait... waiting my favorite pass time.