Jan 19, 2015


A fan by the name of Mark "platypusbrony" Hemus tweeted the above to Jayson Thiessen. Jayson replied with a bunch of Season 5 stuff.

Before I go over it, I want to make one thing clear: How I feel about spoilers. (Note: The following is my personal opinion and does not reflect the views of OIM as a whole.)

I believe that if you are the type of person who likes to avoid spoilers, then you have no business being on the Internet. When you load a website in your browser, you take the risk that you are going to maybe see spoilers on that website.

You can minimize this, however. You can avoid going to websites specifically for that purpose. (For example, OIM is a MLP site. Don't go here if you avoid MLP spoilers.) You can also avoid interacting with friends who have seen whatever it is that you're avoiding until you have seen it too. Especially so if you hear that there was a leak or a preview that was released. I'll never forget one time when my one of my Facebook friends got yelled at for posting a Game of Thrones spoiler a full TWO DAYS after the episode aired (never mind the fact that the book has been out for a decade and a half). I thought it was so stupid. If you don't like spoilers, unplug your router and get off the damn Internet.

For this reason, I very rarely will ever put a spoiler behind a post break. I did it at first when I first joined OIM, just because I assumed it was standard practice. After I noticed that I was the only OIMer who was doing it, I stopped.

I bring this up because I believe that what Jayson Thiessen posted was so spoilery that it is even making me break this philosophy. I don't believe anyone should see these spoilers unless they have explicitly given it their okay.

With that said, join me after the break for a whole bunch of new Season 5 info.

WARNING! If you care about spoilers at all, press that "Back" button on your browser now. This is very serious spoiler territory that you are now in. I know that I already warned you, but trust me, this is huge. Like, really huge. The biggest spoiler that we've ever gotten, probably. So double-check with yourself and be ABSOLUTELY ONE HUNDRED PERCENT CERTAIN that this is what you want before continuing to read. Like, I would totally put a second break in here if I could. (I've tried, and you can't.)

You've been warned.

Okay, no turning back now.

First up, to refresh your memory, this was the original question:

And now to look at Jayson's replies, one by one.

Boring. This doesn't tell us anything that we don't already know. But I guess for those of us who weren't staying on top of Season 5 news and may not have heard this before can breathe a sigh of relief that we are NOT getting another Season 3.

Now this is somewhat interesting. Seven main characters? (Thank you, Jayson, for not using the word "mane".) Obviously, the main six are in there, but who's the seventh? Spike? Discord? Sunset Shimmer? And who are these "others"? The Cutie Mark Crusaders? Background Ponies? Someone else? Quite curious.

What I like about this is the word "numerous". Bring on the songs!

I don't remember whether we knew this or not already. Either way, it's not too surprising. Next.

Woah, woah, woah. Really!? Great. Now for the Rule 34 fans to take this out of context. Can't wait! (Huh. I seem to be posting a lost of MLP R34 stuff lately. Weird.)

I swear, I'm not into that, you guys!

This is a bit disappointing. Why? Because it seems like lately (Seasons 3 and 4, and to a small extent the latter bits of Season 2), Pinkie Pie breaks the fourth wall for no reason other than to break the fourth wall. I miss the good old days when she didn't just do it arbitrarily. Can't there be rhyme and reason to this thing? Well, okay, as much "rhyme and reason" as you can get with Pinkie anyways. Dusty mentioned that her character seemed off a bit in Season 4. While I was doing my "Ponies Through The Ages" project, I think I realized why she was like this.

She is breaking her character when she breaks the fourth wall. And she never did that before. In Season 1, when she broke the fourth wall, she would do something cartoony, and everyone would be confused. Well, obviously, it's been four years, and so ponies are adjusting to her now, so you can no longer just have confusion. But what they decided to do instead was make it so that other ponies would just be made miserable by her actions. Whenever she breaks the fourth wall, she seems to do it in a way that will hurt or inconvenience somebody else.

And this is Pinkie Pie. A character who is all about making other people happy through any means necessary. I don't have a problem with ponies hurting each other, but it has to make sense. But this is just character assassination, and is not at all pleasant.

Eh, unimportant.

And here we get to the end of it all. Well, hope you learned a lot, guys. And sorry for that massive spoiler. I warned you.


Okay, fine. I'll talk about it.

"Somepony will die".

Obvious follow-up question: Who?

Well, I think that we can rule out all of the Main Six. Without them, you don't have a show. And remember, we still have that 2017 movie coming out, which is confirmed to feature the Main Six. So it cannot be them. They have to survive at least the next two years. (And most likely will live through the entirety of G4.)

So who is a likely candidate? Well, in a show that's made for five-year-old girls, honestly, no one. And it is possible that our good friend Mr. Thiessen was just trolling. Then again, they did kill off Sombra.

But let's assume that Jayson Thiessen is telling the truth here. There will be a character death in Season 5. Let's also assume that it will be a character that appeared at some point during Seasons 1 to 4. After all, if it's just "generic new villain", then that doesn't provide much to speculate on. Though it is the most likely option.

Other options, from most likely to least likely:

Discord - Probably the most likely candidate. His character arc is now complete, and there's not much more you can do with him. Especially since he has god-like powers at his whim, and that would be hard to write around if the Main Six can just go to him whenever they need anything. Since he is now a full-fledged good guy, and not even a bit of a "gray area" anymore.

Tirek - Perhaps the Main Six journey to Tartarus and see Tirek again, and this time he is either killed as he is redeemed by going up against an even more dangerous villain, or perhaps he escapes again (or otherwise poses a problem) and they kill him. The thing that this option has going for it is that Tirek was killed back in G1.

Celestia, Luna, or Cadance - Twilight is a princess now, and so these three are no longer necessary to the plot. Celestia doesn't really do much anymore that Twilight can't do on her own, and the other princesses don't really offer much.

Granny Smith - Just because she's old. It could be her time.

Diamond Tiara - A totally irredeemable character that no one likes. I literally don't know a single brony who likes this character one bit. Killing her off is the "safest" option to avoid pissing off anyone. Of course, the even safer option would be to kill no one, but according to Jayson, that's not an option anymore.

Another villain - Heroes don't die in children's cartoons. But villains occasionally do. So if we see Gilda or Lightning Dust or someone like that again, maybe they won't make it out this time.

Applejack's Parents - Okay, so technically we haven't seen them before, but I just want to throw this option on the table. A flashback episode where we see AJ's parents and their death. The problem here is that it has been confirmed at Comic-Con that this type of thing will NOT be done in Season 5. Apparently, they had not yet found a way to do it without offending people yet. Well, Comic-Con was quite a while ago. Maybe they found a way now? Or maybe they changed their mind? Or maybe they were lying at Comic-Con? Or, most likely, Jayson is just trolling us and is lying now.

Now, if this were Equestria Daily, I would end my post here. And in fact, EqD's post on this topic does, in fact, stop here (well, okay, theirs doesn't have a bunch of speculation and spoiler warnings and such, but the news bits stop here).

Luckily for you, this is Obsession Is Magic, where we aim to give full and complete stories, so we're not done with this yet.

In response to these tweets, some guy with the Twitter handle "rogersparker94" saw all of these tweets and asked the following question:

In response to this, Jayson said nothing. He has been logged in to Twitter since then (posting about Iron Giant stuff), so he did definitely see this, he's just not replying. (FYI, it's common for people to just not reply to tweets. I'm sure that "somepony will die" tweet got at least a million people asking "Who?" and they were all ignored.) So no word yet on whether or not we will get Michael Bay explosions.

But, still, confetti explosions confirmed for Season 5!

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  1. ...bleh. I had a whole big comment written out then accidentally closed the page.. Bleh, don't feel like writing all that back up but here's the improtant stuff.

    The 7th main character is probably Spike.

    I'm pretty sure you're secretly into rule34 and are just afraid to admitt it. Don't worry I'll hold your hand and guide you into wonderful seedy side of the fandom.

    Pinkie from season 1 and Pinkie from now are almost two different characters.

    Also if this spoiler is real then holy smokes I can't believe they actually told us something. But my first inclination is that he's trolling but if he is truthful I don't think they'd announce a villain death, but instead I'm going to call Princess Celestia. As a growth thing it'll leave a vacuum for Twilight to have to step up and fill in. It's just another stop on her journey to become a god princess.