Jan 1, 2015

Cutie Mark Magic = ???

So, remember the Rainbow Power? That thing that had only, like, 10 seconds of screentime in the Season 4 finale?

And then they proceeded to put it on LITERALLY EVERY TOY EVER?

Yeah. That was annoying. However, far more annoying is that they are apparently done with that now, and are now moving on to a new version of the ponies: Cutie Mark Magic. They have started promoting this on the official website.

What does this mean? Why are they so ugly? Is this going to be in the show? The toys? The cards? The comics?

We don't know much yet. But I pray to god that this won't actually be in Season 5. It just looks so bad...

1 comment:

  1. Holy mother of Celestia.... this is bad. What is up with Hasbro just drawing random shit all over the ponies... stop it.. please stop it. You know it's going to show up in season 5, it'll probably be in a good episode, then show up just to ruin it.