Nov 17, 2014

Top Ten Pony Videos/ Songs of October 2014

Well... I somehow missed these when they came out a week ago... so here ya go... fresh and piping hot... all links after break.

Top Video Links

Bat Ponies by EdPlus777:

[PMV] Blood Drive by Racecarghost1:

Lost in Space [SFM] by Herostrain:

All Apart of the Act by ShadesofEverfree:

Flappyhunt by Tiarawhy:

Alushy - Nightmare Night [SFM] by Argodaemon:

Nightmare Night 2014 by Antony C:

Brony Chronicles Part 2 by Saberspark and Paleo:

4/6 Hell to Your Doorstep (animatic) by Ink Potts:

Fluffle Puff Tales: Nightmare Nights 2 by Fluffymixer:

Honorable Mentions:

Everything Wrong With The Last Roundup in 3 Minutes or Less by LittleshyFIM:

Meet the Ink Rose by Ink Rose:

Pony Hardcore by Fedor Comix:

Opening Video:
MMMM??? by Tengami:

Credits Song:
Blues in Velvet Room - Persona 3 OST:

Top Music Links

10. Twilight (Eventide) - Vylet Pony
Votes: 19

9. Giggles & Gumdrops (cover) - FritzyBeat
Votes: 20

8. Halloween Rocks - oodorato2
Votes: 21

7. Rainbow Rocks - The L-Train
Votes: 23

6. Back to You - Luna Jax ft. 4everfreebrony
Votes: 25

5. Captain of the Crew - AcousticBrony & Pipsqueak
Votes: 27

4. Let The Magic Fill Your Soul - WoodLore
Votes: 35

3. Nightmare Night (cover) - SlyphStorm
Votes: 36

2. Spitfire (Give It All You Got) - MandoPony & Megabyte Brony
Votes: 48

1. Frailty - Princewhateverer ft. Dreamchan
Votes: 49

Honorable Mentions:

#1 Nightmare Night Surprise - VocalScorePony

#2 Welcome to Horrorville - Caine

#3 (greaterthan)=) - General Mumble

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