Nov 9, 2014

Ponies Through The Ages: Day 9

And now for Episode 9. Episode 9 can be either good or bad, whichever one Episode 8 wasn’t. I already explained this in my Episode 8 entry, so there’s not really much to talk about here. Let’s just talk about the episodes. Here is “Bridle Gossip”, “Sweet and Elite”, “Spike at Your Service”, and “Pinkie Apple Pie”.


“Bridle Gossip” was great. It provides a perfect introduction for Zecora. And it is nice to see Twilight get a mentor other than Celestia. This way, she has some help that is close by. Zecora is also a cool character. I really want to see more zebras. The moral about not judging a book by its cover is also something that I respect. I do wish that Dusty was doing reviews back in Season 1 though. Just to hear the R34 jokes he’d make about an episode whose plot is literally “Twilight’s horn can’t get hard”. PENIS JOKES COMMENCE!

“Sweet and Elite” is a decent episode, fulfilling the classic “double-date” cliché. I also adore Rarity here (as of this writing, she is my favorite out of the main six). It probably would have been better if this WASN’T THE ONLY RARITY EPISODE FOR THE NEXT TWO SEASONS. Ugh. But that’s not this episode’s fault, and for what this episode is: it’s good. The song is really catchy too.

Did I seem a bit terse when describing those two? That’s because I want to save the bulk of my 500 words for here. “Daring Don’t” may be my least favorite episode ever, but “Spike at Your Service” is pretty damn close. In fact, “Daring Don’t” deserves a reward from me. I didn’t think it was possible to actually beat out “Spike at Your Service” for “worst thing ever made”, but it managed to exceed my expectations in how disappointing it was. Yes, this is the other episode that I want to scream at the creators for, wondering what they were thinking. What’s wrong with it? One, the you-saved-my-life-so-now-I-am-your-slave plot has been done a million times in other shows. And it’s a pretty stupid plot to begin with. Two, Spike’s “dragon code” is stupid. It has never been brought up before nor since, and it makes no sense. Three, everyone acts out of character here. Particularly Twilight when she is just willing to get rid of Spike, after telling him in “The Crystal Empire” that his fear that she would do just that “would never come to pass”. Four and most important, SPIKE FAILS AT EVERYTHING HE DOES. This includes cooking and cleaning, which we’ve seen him do before many many many times. And we’ve seen him do it since. This is just a blatant retcon for your idiotic plotline, and gross character assassination.

And “Pinkie Apple Pie”. Ugh. Here’s a pro tip for you writers, if you don’t have a good ending for a story, don’t write it at all. Seriously, even if you have the premise of “Could Pinkie Pie possibly be related to Applejack?”, if we never find out the answer, the whole episode is worthless. If we do find out the answer, then it will forever change their relationship to fit that answer (regardless of if it is "yes" or "no"), and so it ruins the show, by making one pair of characters different than any other pair.

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  1. S1 - Yep, good episode, tons of innuendo, (let's not forget that one "I watch if for the plot" image that used to be everywhere was from this episode) and while Zecora isn't my favorite character, she is handled very well.

    S2 - Good episode, great song.

    S3 - I don't think Spike At Your Service is the worst episode ever.... but it's pretty bad. The "Dragon Code" stuff was nonsense. Twilight giving up Spike was way out of character and just dumb. Yep, the dumbest thing of all, Spike failing at the job he does every single day. What a guy.

    S4 - Pinkie Pie and Applejack, my least favorite characters, but it wasn't as bad as it probably should have been.