Nov 8, 2014

Ponies Through The Ages: Day 8

 Episode 8 has two possibilities. Option A is to do another really big episode. This gets your audience to realize that the “Episode 7” thing isn’t just a one-time occurrence, and it will make your show seem even better, to do two of these in a row. Of course, two in a row is exhausting, so this option is typically balanced out by having Episode 9 be sub-par. Option B is to take that really good episode, and move it to Episode 9. After all, if you have too many good episodes in a row, then your audience can just be tired out afterwards. It is exhausting to see so much epicness all at once. When this occurs, you typically have Episode 8 be the bad episode, to allow the audience to “breathe” for a bit. MLP takes Option B, with “Look Before You Sleep” being so lackluster that the bronies actually continued to talk about “Dragonshy” for another week until “Bridle Gossip” came about.

But we’ll take a look at that below, along with “The Mysterious Mare Do Well”, “Apple Family Reunion”, and “Rarity Takes Manehattan”.


“Look Before You Sleep” just screams: Let’s save money. Only Rarity, Applejack, and Twilight have speaking roles. On top of that, 90% of the episode is in Twilight’s treehouse, with consistent backgrounds. It’s really cheap. And I get it. After the epicness that was “Dragonshy”, you probably need to balance your budget. However, you can still do it better than this. While animation and voice acting may be costly, it costs just as much money to write a good story as it does to write a bad one. So there's no excuse for this piss-poor plot. Slumber party with people who don’t get along with each other. Yeah. This is objectively the lowest point of the first season.

“The Mysterious Mare Do Well” got a lot of controversy, and while I wouldn’t call it a good episode by any means, I don’t think it’s as bad as everyone says it is. I like the idea of Rainbow Dash being a superhero, it going to her ego, and then her friends become a humbling superhero to show her up. Some people argue that Ponyville doesn’t NEED a superhero. Did you forget the fact that Ponyville borders with the most dangerous forest in Equestria and is constantly threatened by epic villains? Sorry, that argument holds no water. However, where this episode FAILS is at Sugarcube Corner, where the Main Six (minus Rainbow Dash) talk about all of Mare-Do-Well’s strengths, their own strengths. THEY ARE NOT BEING HUMBLE AT ALL. The worst part is: this is an incredibly easy fix. All you have to do is have them compliment each other’s talents instead of their own.

“Apple Family Reunion” has one good moment, and the rest is crap. The problem with this episode is that the whole plot could have been avoided if ANYBODY had just sat down and talked to AJ about what she was doing. Oh, and that square-dance scene was unbelievably stereotypically southern. Probably offended some people. The one good moment was with the shooting stars at the end, representing AJ’s dead parents. Never really expected MLP to touch on that, but was glad when they did.

And finally, we have “Rarity Takes Manehattan”. Rarity acts generous here, which is completely out-of-character. Yes, I know that she’s is the element of generosity, but she has not once shown that since the second episode of the entire show. Also, Rarity gets everything that she wanted. She gets to win the fashion contest, she gets to see that musical with her friends, she gets to go home on time by delegating the work to Coco Pommel, and she even gets Coco out of a bad relationship. This is a kid’s show, obviously, so you need to have a happy ending, but you don’t need to have ALL of these happy endings. Remember in "Fall Weather Friends" how Twilight got fifth place and was happy with it? Do that. Don't make her win first place just because you can. That's bullshit.

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  1. S1 - You couldn't be more wrong. I loved Look Before You Sleep, way worse episodes in season 1.

    S2 - Wrong again, this episode is as bad as everyone says. Hated just about everything about it.

    S3 - Meh, not bad but not good, just sort of okay. Never a fan of "counting" songs "let's just say 1, 2, 3, 4 over and over again." But yeah, the dead parents thing was out of nowhere and awesome.

    S4 - Yeah, I love Rarity but she was all over the place in this one, there was too neat a bow on all the plot lines getting wrapped up happily, her friends immediately forgave her even thought she went full psycho, and this episode was the prime example of Princess Twilight being bullcrap, I'm the newest Princess of Equestria, everypony fawns over me, I've saved the world countless times, and everyone saw my coronation... yet no one recognizes me in arguable the most up to date in the know city, yet I can't get a cab?