Nov 6, 2014

Ponies Through The Ages: Day 6

Quick personal update: My Internet has been very slow where I live, so they are now fixing it to make it faster. As they do this, however, they are taking the Internet on and off constantly, so I no longer have constant Internet access. As a result, some of these “Ponies Through The Ages” entries may be a day or two late, but I will still do my best to get them out every day for the month, and I will still WRITE them every day, even if I have to keep them offline for a bit. I apologize for this, but it is beyond my control. Sorry.

Episode six needs to once again be a typical episode, possibly a little bit above average. As I said before when I was talking about episode two, the episode that needs to be the best is episode seven. I’ll explain why that is tomorrow, but for now, just know that episode seven should be the best episode of your show. This means that episode six needs to be good enough to get you to watch episode seven. So having a below-average episode here is a big no-no. Typically, you want this episode to be good, but not so good as to overshadow episode seven.

What does FiM do? Well, let’s find out as we look at “Boast Busters”, “The Cutie Pox”, “Sleepless in Ponyville”, and “Power Ponies”. Oh boy, it’s gonna be hard to contain my 500-word limit here, because I really have a passion against ALL of these episodes. Nonetheless, I shall try to limit what I can say here.

(Edit: Oops. Apparently this DID exceed the 500-word-limit, as it is 549 words. My word-counting program glitched up and told me that it was 500 words, because I replaced the text from yesterday with the one from today to give the new count, but it still read the one from yesterday for some reason. I think I found the problem though, and fixed it. So this shouldn’t happen anymore. I’m not in the mood to re-write it at this point, though, so just read the extra 49 words this time. Sorry.)


“Boast Busters” is okay. Trixie is kinda a lame villain after Nightmare Moon and Gilda. As Rainbow Dash said, she is “just a loudmouth”. However, I will give this episode credit for two things: Snips and Snails are the first. These are the first male ponies that we’ve seen since G1. Good to know that MLP stopped being so sexist. And the other is the Ursa Minor. I love the design on that thing and the animation that they put on it. Out of all of the “dangerous creatures” that we’ve seen in the show so far, this is the one that I want to see return the most.

“The Cutie Pox” is actually pretty good. Yeah, I know. I thought I hated it, but upon closer inspection, it’s not too bad. It’s totally believable that Apple Bloom would just “cheat” and use the Heart’s Desire to get a cutie mark, and I love the consequences that she gets for that, having to deal with dozens of different cutie marks. That’s very creative, and I don’t really have much else to say about that.

“Sleepless in Ponyville” is a decent episode, if not for a later episode ruining it. I love getting to see a character’s biggest fears through their eyes. MLP doing that with Scootaloo is no exception. I’ve made it very clear in the past that I hate Luna’s “enter people’s dreams” thing. But you can pretty much ignore it here. I like to interpret this episode a different way than most bronies: I believe that Luna can’t enter people’s dreams, and Scootaloo just dreamed that bit up. When we see her at the end, she’s not really there - Scootaloo just imagines that she is. Note that Rainbow Dash doesn’t seem to react to her at all. If you view it that way, I think it makes Scootaloo’s character development even more powerful, because SHE DID IT BY HERSELF. Unfortunately, Luna’s ability to enter people’s dreams does come back in “For Whom the Sweetie Belle Tolls”, thus making that interpretation moot.

And now for “Power Ponies”. While “Daring Don’t” was undoubtedly the lowest point of Season 4 for me, it was by no means running unopposed. “Power Ponies” is almost as bad. I will freely admit that aside from the MLP comics, I have never read a comic book before in my life. Apparently Rarity is a knock-off of “The Green Lantern” in this episode. Who the hell is The Green Lantern? I have no idea. And repeat that same line of questioning for ALL of the references here. Now, having references in your show can be a good thing, BUT IT HAS TO BE DONE CORRECTLY. The references need to enhance your material, not be your material. An example of this done right is with Daring Do. If you have no idea who Indiana Jones is, then you can still enjoy the story of Daring Do, just as a great adventure story. If you do know who Indiana Jones is, though, then you can spot all of the references and get a good laugh about how they handle them all. The Power Ponies, however, really only work if you know the reference. If you don’t, then the episode completely falls apart, as it did for me.

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  1. S1 - I like Boast Busters, like I said on the last post, I used to like Trixie. Also interesting to note that this shows that the main 6 can be villains, because let's be real, they attacked Trixie for no good reason.

    S2 - Maybe I need to rewatch this one because I too remember hating it. Like really hating it. Maybe it's because I don't care for Applebloom.

    S3 - Yeah, other than the "she can go into ponies wet dreams" being a thing, I really thought that whole thing was pretty stupid. And I also hated this because if felt like it was too much what the Bronies wanted (remember season 3 was the season of pandering) You guys want Scootaloo and Rainbow Dash to become sisters? Well this is basically that.

    S4 - I don't read comics but I have a passing knowledge of most heros... honestly how can you be on the internet and not. But either way while it may have been a weak story, I thought Power Ponies was a fun episode, Rarity kills a guys, and the Mane-iac was a fun villain.

    Now I'm interested to see what this fabled "episode 7" thing is you keep hypeing up.