Nov 28, 2014

Ponies Through The Ages: Day 28

All right, let's see if I can fit in a whopping EIGHT episodes into 500 words.

Well, okay, they aren't really episodes, but whatever. Let's just go.


So first up is "Music to My Ears", which is awful. It stars DJ Pon-3 as she just lives a day of her life. Nothing wrong with that, of course. But why DJ Pon-3, a background character? She is important to Rainbow Rocks, but that's SUPPOSED TO BE a twist at the end. You totally give it away by giving her her own short.

Next up, "Guitar Centered", which is decent enough for a short, I suppose. The only thing that had me raising an eyebrow is "how do they get the magic pony ears/tails/wings when Princess Twilight took her crown back?" It made no sense. Of course, we find out in the film itself, so I can forgive that.

"Hamstocalypse Now" is pretty good. My one complaint of it is that Fluttershy uses the word "everyhamster" in a similar manner to "everypony". The characters of the Equestria Girls universe live in a world that is exactly like ours (minus the skin tones), and so it stands to reason that they would use "everybody" just like we do. Even when describing non-humans.

Next, "Pinkie On The One". This was predictable, but fun. Overall, pretty enjoyable.

"Player Piano" is up next, and, well, it's no secret that I don't like the Diamond Dogs. I wish that they never existed and I hate it whenever they are acknowledged. That includes this short. It also annoys me that cost was an issue in "Guitar Centered", but not here. Rarity gets a freaking keytar. Do you know how expensive those things are!? And she just gets it out of nowhere, seemingly for free.

Then, we get "A Case for the Bass". Um, forgive me for being on the bad guys's side here. The Flim Flam Brothers bought that bass fairly and legally. It is theirs to do what they want with it, even if that means selling it for one hundred times what they paid for it. So yeah, this one was bad. Also, is it just me or is Applejack being seen as the "last" one of the Main Six a lot lately? She was the last to get her short, and she was the last to get her box key (besides Twilight). Weird.

Finally, "Shake Your Tail!" and "Perfect Day for Fun". I'm talking about these together because my issue with them is the same: These take place while the portal is closed, and yet: Twilight is in them. Apparently the novelization explains that these two were just Twilight's dreams back in Equestria, showing that she misses her Canterlot High friends. I'll give this one a pass, though not an enthusiastic one.

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  1. Ep 1 - Or if you read the Rainbow Rocks Prequel book she basically forms the group into a band, so she's really important there.

    Ep 2 - Meh, okay but not great, which is how I feel about all of these shorts.

    Ep 3 - Rarity losing control, probably the best of the shorts.

    Ep 4 - Meh, some weird innuendo stuff going on is interesting though.

    Ep 5 - I swear your unwarranted hatred of the Dog and Pony Show is going to lead us to having a bare knuckle brawl on top of a skyscraper.

    Ep 6 - Yeah, Flim and Flam were fine. It's not their fault they got a great deal when buying the bass. Yeah they're kind of jerks about it, but legally they're in the clear.

    Ep 7 - I barely even remember what these even were. Shake Your Tail was a music video and the other was a fun fair.... I think.