Nov 26, 2014

Ponies Through The Ages: Day 26

Sorry about missing yesterday's update. It was all my fault. You can go ahead and read that post for more info if you need it.

Just so that we're clear, here is my current plan for the rest of PTTA:

Wed. November 26 - Season finales of Seasons 1, 2, and 4.
Thurs. November 27 - Equestria Girls (film)
Fri. November 28 - Rainbow Rocks (shorts)
Sat. November 29 - Rainbow Rocks (film)
Sun. November 30 - Season 5 (yes, I have a plan for this)
Mon. December 1 - A conclusion post about what I've learned from PTTA.
Tues. December 2 - First day without a PTTA post since October 30th.

So you can look forward to that.

Anyways, let's get started with that schedule by looking at the Season finales. Now, I know I said that I would limit myself to 500 words per post, but I'm going to be breaking that for this one. I just have so much to say about these episodes in particular that I don't think I can fit it in 500 words. That, and I just don't have the time to edit it down right now. Sorry about that, but I hope you'll understand. (If you are concerned about length, it is 784 words starting after this paragraph.)

Season 1 ends on "The Best Night Ever". It's okay. After all the buildup to The Grand Galloping Gala, it was nice to finally see it. And the "a day in the life of" formula since episode three reaches its natural conclusion with "an important day in the life of". It was a fun little episode. My one issue with it is the fact that it's a season finale. We know that "The Return of Harmony" was produced at the same time as Season 1, and quite frankly, it makes more sense to have that as your season finale than "The Best Night Ever". Discord parallels the show's first villain, Nightmare Moon, so well in that episode. I think I would have rather them just made Season 1 a 28-episode season, and stuck that two-parter on here at the end. But maybe they couldn't do that because The Hub wouldn't grant them a 28-episode season. Whatever. Even if "The Best Night Ever" is your season finale, it still gets the job done of being an enjoyable episode.

Season 2 ends on "A Canterlot Wedding Part 2". Chrysalis and her army of Changelings make for great villains, and it leads to the most epic fight scenes that MLP has done yet. Chrysalis also proves herself to be very competent by stopping the Main Six from using the Elements of Harmony in the first place. True, the "Power of Love" thing felt like it was no better, but think about it. Shining Armor was already established as having the shield spell, and Cadance already had the love spell. This was nothing more than the two of them combining. So it wasn't a deus ex machina. Of course, it is still pretty bad when you have two new characters just introduced out of nowhere specifically for this two-parter and then you have them just save the day. So overall, this episode was really really good, but it wasn't so good that it made me forget about the problems of Part 1. At least the fight scenes were the most epic thing ever...

...until this episode. Season 4's "Twilight's Kingdom Part 2", featuring a big huge epic fight scene that looked like something out of Gurren Lagann, Dragon Ball Z, or Avatar: The Last Airbender. And while it was loaded with testosterone-filled awesomeness, there is one pressing concern that I had that came to me later: Is MLP too violent now? Honestly, I have a baby cousin who is about three years old (I forget her exact age), and she has lately become obsessed with My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic toys. Just the toys, not the show (yet). And I actually worry about her if she ever does decide to watch the show, because I no longer think that it is actually appropriate for children. Seriously, do you want children seeing that Twilight vs Tirek fight scene? I sure don't. While it was epic for us, something was definitely lost here. Aside from that, I didn't have too much of a problem with the episode. Tirek and Discord were being awesome the whole way through, and so were the Main Six. Some people did have an issue with the "Rainbow Power" being a deus ex machina, but honestly, it wasn't. They were building up that box since the first episode of the season, and since they had to give up the Elements of Harmony to get it, everyone expected it to contain their new weapons. And it did. Thankfully, the box goes away later, so it looks like they will hopefully never use the Rainbow Power again. With Princess Twilight getting a castle now, it ends the season on the exact same "Is Twilight any different now?" note that Season 3 ended on. However, with this episode being handled much better than "Magical Mystery Cure", I am so much more hopeful for the future as a result.

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  1. S1 - Yeah, unlike Equestria Games we actually get to see the Gala, so that was pretty sick. I remember being unreasonably excited about that. "Oh my gosh! The Grand Galloping Gala! This really is the best night (or morning when I watched it) ever!"

    S2 - Yeah, Chrysalis is great... really wish she'd come back. But not as bad as I want a return of Sombra. I still point as Cadence being the tipping point of the series. The moment they introduced a new alicorn, completely destroying all cannon, that's when things just started falling apart.

    S4 - Yes Disocrd and Tirek were awesome, yes the fight was unexpected and blissfully cool, but the rainbow stuff was just so dumb, and the fact she just literally gets a giant castle handed to her is.... it's just the worst. It could have been an amazing episode, but then that stuff happened so it's been marred. Still good... just marred. I see you're point with it being too violent, while it's cool it also fundamentally changes MLP, getting us farther and farther away from the childlike wonder that was Season 1. I don't watch MLP for the fights, I watch it for the innocent fun and lighthearted antics, so I hope they just keep that in mind and save the epic stuff for special occasions.