Nov 21, 2014

Ponies Through The Ages: Day 21


Today, Season 1 gives us "Over a Barrel", which is my personal favorite episode that isn't a two-parter. We get to see a full-out war, people. That's epic. And the buffalo are pretty cool characters. Braeburn is also a decent character. Just about the only thing that I didn't like about this episode was Fluttershy's "Puff the Magic Dragon" reference, which came out of nowhere, and was done for literally no other reason other than to make the reference. That's not how you properly do a reference. Plus, does anyone even remember the Puff the Magic Dragon? It's a 1963 song that was made into a movie in 1978, which got a made-for-TV sequel in 1979, and then another in 1982. Face it, I think that franchise is dead (and each of these supposed "movies" were only 23 minutes apiece - and quite frankly, none were any good). Still, the positives definitely outweigh the negatives. The animation during the battle and during the train attack was some of the best of Season 1. And the music doesn't disappoint either. I can see how a Native American could find this offensive, but I personally didn't really see it that way. But to each their own.

Season 2 gives us "Dragon Quest". I hate this episode. Why? Because all of the dragons in it are jerks. Now, I don't have a problem with jerky dragons. But I have a problem when all of the dragons are that way. One of MLP's biggest messages is that there are many different ways to be a person. No member of the Main Six is anything at all like any of the other members. Each pony is completely different. Yet all dragons are the same. Why? Why can't you show a variety of dragons? That would have been so much better. I did like Peewee, and all of the continuity doors that this could potentially open up............. until those same doors were closed and firmly locked in the first 10 seconds of "Just for Sidekicks", but whatever.

And Season 4 gives us "Testing Testing 1, 2, 3". I liked this episode a lot. I think the moral of there being many different kinds of learners is something that I wish more kids' shows would teach. And I'm glad that this show does it. I do wish that Rainbow Dash would have just passed the test, rather than getting a perfect score, just to avoid another "ponies get everything they want" solution and to tell the kids in the audience that IT'S OKAY TO NOT BE PERFECT, but that's a minor nitpick. The rest of the episode is solid enough to make this one of my favorite Season 4 episodes.


  1. S1 - Yeah Puff isn't really worth doing a reference on. I barely, barely remember the movie. Ehh, I didn't like this episode. I don't care for the Buffalo, the "war" isn't really all that amazing when it's just throwing pies, and the only really good thing was Braeburn going "Appleloosa!"

    S2 - Yeah, also the "they're teenagers and that means they're unfriendly" trope is always handled poorly. Bleh. The fact that they're are so may sentient dragons in Equestria, but we've barely seen them is also really dumb. It'd be okay if there were only a few dragons, but this episode shows they fill the sky. Also kind of a hilarious twist that after Derpygate they put Crackle the clearly retarded dragon in it... so Derpy can't be crosseyed or talk slightly funny because that's offensive but Crackle the dragon is a-okay?

    S4 - Nope. Bad episode. The lengths they had to go to just to get Rainbow to learn basic stuff was insane. We have to get the whole town to act out a city wide play just so you can remember a few names and events. I don't care how "different" you're learning style is. If it's not even remotely close to being applicable then your just going to have to grow up and deal with studying like a normal person. Also another episode that shows the main 6 as being on a hair trigger into devolving into chaos. Why is this close nit pack of friends always ending up at each others throats.

    1. Whoop, actually no I don't know literally anything about Puff the Dragon, I was thinking of Pete's Dragon.