Nov 16, 2014

Ponies Through The Ages: Day 16

All right folks, sorry about that hiccup yesterday, but Day 15 is up now if you want to see it. So head on back to that post if you are interested.

Right here, though, it's time for us to go to Day 16!


So, to start with, Season 1 gives us "Sonic Rainboom". Supposedly the most beloved episode of the first season, bronies have enjoyed mocking the Sonic Rainboom itself to hell and back because it breaks every known law of physics (this is an exaggeration: in reality, it just doesn't make sense is all). Other than that, though, how does the episode hold up? It's just as amazing as you remember it. Rarity getting jealous of Rainbow Dash, her trying to steal the spotlight, and then have her wings burn up and have Rainbow save her in an awesome physics-defining move. Yay. Or, as Fluttershy would say, yay. That said, I did find two downsides to this episode. One, why were Rarity and Rainbow Dash performing together? I get that Rarity was delayed, but they got someone to replace her. So it shouldn't have mattered. The only explanation is that they scheduled 15 performances in a time period that only had room for 14. Why would they do that? The other problem is Rainbow Dash's stage fright. No offense, but that doesn't seem like Dash's character at all. Obviously, the biggest problem of the episode is that Dash needs to actually work to do a Sonic Rainboom, when she can just do it instantaneously in any other episode. Stupid retcons. Oh well, that's not this episode's fault anyways.

Season 2 gives us another Rainbow Dash episode, "Read It and Weep". When Dusty reviewed this episode, his biggest complaint was that Rainbow Dash's injury took place off-camera. I would disagree with him, but I don't like lying. Seriously, what a cop-out. I also would have preferred a "reading is a good experience" message, given that most people these days don't like reading. Instead, we get a "don't complain about something until you tried it" message, which doesn't help the people who have tried reading, but don't like it. But that's just a minor complaint. One other issue I had, which I am surprised that I haven't seen anyone else complaining about in all this time, is that when Rainbow Dash first starts reading, she opens to the middle of the book. Just one of those things that irked me. Also, Dashie is forgiven for freaking burglary WAY TOO EASILY. All around, this episode wasn't any good. If you like it, great, but it's just not my cup of tea.

Speaking of things that aren't my cup of tea, "It Ain't Easy Being Breezies". Good god, if you have creatures that speak in mostly unintelligible ways, ADD SOME SUBTITLES. On top of that, the breezies are pretty annoying, they really make no sense (Where did they come from? Why did they leave? Why are they so different than anything else we've seen? Why has no one except Fluttershy heard of them before?), and Princess Twilight just turning everyone into a breezy at the end was, in a word, stupid. It's also part of the stupid "open the box" plotline, which I've already ranted about.

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  1. S1 - Not my most beloved. It's good, funny, and introduced Rainbow Dash being OP, but there's better episodes. Yeah the whole she can do Rainbooms instantly in later episodes is really dumb. I remember getting into a huge argument over on the channel about it on Canterlot Wedding. It doesn't make sense!

    S2 - I can't even remember what my opinions were, well glad somebody does. Actualy that might be interesting going back and watching my old stuff and just seeing how much I've changed. Anyway the episode, yep, the episode is about her being injured, but the don't acutaly show it, lame. It's been a while, but I must have missed the opening the book thing, because stuff like that bothers me as well. Best thing about the episode is that it introduces Screw Loose, and insane ponies in an insane asylum being a thing. Otherwise another down the middle kind of episode.

    S4 - Whoa whoa whoa! I enjoyed this episode. Although every point you made is sound... especially the ending being majorly stupid. But the Breezies just screwing around made me laugh and Seabreeze was cool.