Nov 15, 2014

Ponies Through The Ages: Day 15 not posted yet.

I mentioned a while back that my Internet may be unstable for a while, and, well, it looks like I've finally found a day where I can't get this out on time. (I'm posting this via a cellular connection, not an Internet connection.)

However, to avoid the appearance of having skipped a day, I'm posting this post on the 15th. I'll edit it with an actual entry as soon as I can, and thus: it will look like I haven't missed a day!

Is this cheating? Probably.

Meh, don't really care.

(Edit on Day 16: Okay. Let's do this.)


All right, so Season 1 gives us "Feeling Pinkie Keen". This, in my opinion, is the best episode of the whole series as far as characterization goes. Only four members of the Main Six appear in this episode (Rainbow Dash and Rarity are absent), but all four act exactly as they should. And they play off of each other really well. It makes sense that Pinkie would have a Pinkie Sense, it makes sense that Twilight would question it, and that Applejack and Fluttershy would play their respective roles. Honestly, given Twilight's scientific mindset and Pinkie Pie's randomness, I'm surprised that we don't get to see the two interact with each other more often. I'd love to see another Twilight-Pinkie episode. The other thing to address is the background music. Man, I don't talk about this enough, but the music in this episode is amazing. Particularly when everyone is galloping to Froggy Bottom Bog (where Fluttershy supposedly exploded. Twice). That is just a beautiful noise. Of course, I probably should address this episode's controversy. The whole "religion vs skepticism" thing. Well, as a skeptic myself, I just have to say this: I seriously have no idea what you people are talking about. I wasn't offended at all by this. Seriously. I get the whole "take a leap of faith and trust in what you don't understand that cannot be explained" angle, but to be honest, I took it differently than most people did. When I heard "leap of faith", I didn't really jump straight to Jesus Christ when I heard that. I just thought of having faith in a friend, which, I think, was Lauren Faust's original intention.

Season 2 gives us "The Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000". Man, the memories. I remember when I first heard the title, without any context, and was so utterly baffled by the fact that that was an episode name. Anywho, the Flim Flam Brothers are interesting antagonists, at least. I've said it before, but MLP does villain songs really well. The problem is that they always do them differently than you'd think. Either they're upbeat because the "villain" wants to swindle you (this episode), they're sung by a member of the Main Six who are in the wrong ("Bats"), or they are intermixed with a hero song too ("This Day Aria"), or a combination of the three. While I would like to see a full-fledged villain song one day, this one, for what it's worth, was a decent first experience.

And Season 4 gives us "Twilight Time", which is very predictable. And for that reason, unenjoyable. I wish I could say more, but ultimately, that's all there is to say: the episode failed because of its predictability. Sorry I can't talk for more about that. I did like the box thing in this episode that a lot of people missed (see Day 10 for info on that), but that's about it. It's sad when the stuff in the background overshadows the main plot.

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  1. S1 - Totally agree that Twilight and Pinkie need more dynamics together.

    S2 - Good episode, good song, and in all honesty the Flim Flam brothers probably should have beaten Applejack. Heck that could set up for an amazing arc about Applejack having to find a new purpose in life after losing her Apples.

    S4 - I honsetly barely remember anything about this. Something about the CMC hanging out with Twilight and there being some child predator subtext.