Nov 14, 2014

Ponies Through The Ages: Day 14

Well, it's our first time doing only three episodes. So that gives me 166 words per episode on average instead of 125. Now I can write a little bit more.


Season 1 gives us "Suited for Success", home to Rarity's dress-making song, Fluttershy's freaky fashion knowledge, Rainbow Dash's "20% cooler" line, and Hoity Toity. And... it's average. I kinda don't know how to judge this episode, because I don't care about fashion that much. But the episode is harmless overall, and Rarity's dress-making song is probably the best piece of music to come out of the first season.

Season 2 gives us "The Last Roundup", which, IGNORING THAT ONE SCENE, is good. Dodge Junction is a surprisingly good location, and the chase scene between Applejack and Pinkie Pie is awesome. Overall, there is nothing disappointing about the Applejack sections.

Unfortunately, that gets COMPLETELY IGNORED when people talk about this episode, because all they remember is Derpy Hooves. First of all, it was literally just obnoxious pandering to the brony community in every shape of the word, and that should have been the worst offense of the episode. But wait - it gets worse.

Let's talk about the other Season 2 episode here: "The Last Roundup - The Censored Version". They "fixed" Derpy's eyes, removed her name, and gave her a new voice. FUCK YOU, MLPFiM! First off, this is incredibly ableist. And that's horrible enough as is. You're saying "Hey, if you have a mental problem, you don't deserve to be in our show. We're just going to edit you until you're "normal" because fuck you, you can't just be you." For a show that is all about "There are many different ways to be a person", I consider this to be the lowest point of the series overall, because it does a COMPLETE 180 on that philosophy. While there are definitely worse episodes out there, this is definitely the lowest moment of the series.

Oh, but I'm not done yet. Ready for the next bad part? THE EDITING IS AWFUL. Like, seriously. I think that I could probably do a better job editing that scene than these clowns did. The colors were too bright in the censored version. And the "eye fixing" looked unnatural. Absolutely terrible. And it's unfortunate - this one scene (both versions of it) pushed a great episode down to a below-average episode. Sad.

Season 3 is now over, so let's just jump into Season 4's "Filli Vanilli". I liked it. I thought the singing of The Pony Tones was good, and I adored Flutterguy. Though I wish they would have brought back his/her original VA (Voiced by Alvin Sanders here, as opposed to Blu Mankuma in Season 1). Nonetheless it was still fun to watch. Can we have Big Macintosh and Fluttershy interact more? They seem like a match made in heaven. (No, not like that.)

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  1. S1 - you forget the not so hot stuff and remember the iconic stuff, so I'm just assuming that my memory is tinged, so I'll say it was probably just okay.

    S2 -Yeah it was garbage that they censored the episode, but I have the original saved on my harddrive so whatever. But the principle of the thing is still screwed up. Forgetting about that, I'd disagree, I thought the rest of the episode overall wasn't too hot. Mainly Applejack just being the dumbest pony there ever was, is, or will be.

    S3 - Yeah, best thing about the episode was all the music, and the rest of it including super crying Fluttershy was good too. Why Fluttershy gotta be so cute when she's upset?