Nov 13, 2014

Ponies Through The Ages: Day 13


Season 1 gives us "Fall Weather Friends" this time. And I love it. The AJ/RD relationship has been one that fans wanted for a while by this point, since the two were the most competitive of the group. I also love the fact that Twilight doesn't win the race, and "only" gets 5th place. It feels more real when the characters don't ALWAYS come out ahead. Which is basically all of Seasons 3 and 4.

Season 2 gives us "Baby Cakes". MLP isn't the first show to do a "don't ever have kids because they are such a pain" message, and it sure won't be the last. (Yes, I know this isn't the real message. It's a joke, laugh and move on.) I do think that the Cake Twins are adorable and would love to see more of them. Actually, yeah. Can we get another episode focused on these two? Please?

Season 3 gives us "Magical Mystery Cure". How to sum up all of my complaints in under 500 words... Well, I could just link you to my tirade, which is the longest post in OIM history, but nah. That'd be a cop-out, so here's a quick summary: WHY!? WHY!? WHY!? WHY!? WHY!? WHY!? WHY!? WHY!?

Season 4 gives us "Simple Ways", which is probably the episode that I remember the least out of all of the episodes of MLP. It seemed really forgettable. But based on a rewatch, what do I think? It sucks. This festival is supposed to impact the ENTIRE TOWN. You mean to tell me that out of the whole town, no one went up to Rarity and said "Hey, you know, maybe, just MAYBE, we shouldn't go around changing stuff at the last minute just to impress some guy. Just saying." Yes, Rarity could have ignored that, but could you at least show that? Otherwise it gives the impression that no one really tried.

All right, time for me to talk about "Magical Mystery Cure" for real. The "cutie mark swap" plot makes no sense and is just filled to the brim with plot holes. Most - if not all - of the ponies act completely out of character, the spell doesn't really make sense. If it's a memory spell, it produces a whole slew of problems. If not, it produces a whole slew of other problems. The "promotion to princess" plot feels very tacked on, and felt like it really should have been its own episode. It also made no sense that "no one has invented their own magic before". If you want to make Twilight a princess, the best way to do it would be to do it at the beginning of the episode, have her explore what changes occur in her life as a result, and then in the end, have her realize that there aren't really any changes. And do it in a convincing way so that the fans don't have to worry about what you are potentially doing to her character.

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  1. S1 - RD/AJ... ehh don't really love these characters, kind of weird episode, but Twilight not getting everything handed to her was great.

    S2 - Meh, Pound and Pumpkin don't do it for me. And like anyone would ever actually let Pinkie babysit, them must really hate their kids.

    Out of order now.
    S4 - Crazy Rarity trying to be country tickles me, so I have to give this one a thumbs up... Trender Hoof though not a great character.

    S3 - I can't... I just can't talk about this episdoe again. Worst episode ever? Almost assuradly, the only one close to it is Trade Ya. I agree with everything you said and there's so much more, every single thing about this episode, from the writing, to the characters, to the message are all just awful.

    Hurray, now you won't have to do any more season 3 reviews, we don't have to deal with that let down season any more!