Nov 12, 2014

Ponies Through The Ages: Day 12

Okay, so, it turns out that I screwed up yesterday. I have been incredibly busy this week, so I kinda knew that a screw-up was inevitable. I just really wish that it wasn't so obvious.

Yesterday, I did a review of "Keep Calm and Flutter On" as Episode 11 of Season 3. The problem is that this is Episode 10 of Season 3. And yes, I reviewed it on Day 10 as well.

I am a fucking idiot.

So, I'm going to give you episodes 11 and 12 of Season 3 today. Coincidentally, the two episodes happen to mesh perfectly well together, with them both being the same story from different points of view. So it actually kinda worked out well (and I could very well lie and say that this was intentional, but I'm not going to). But still, I am sad that it happened. I wanted this to be as perfect as possible.



Season 1 gives us "Call of the Cutie". It was actually hated on at the time for being the first episode not to be focused on one of the Main Six. But it provides a great look at the CMC for the first time (Apple Bloom in particular), and it really captures tween-age impatience very well. As a CMC episode, now that we are used to those, it does kinda fall flat, since Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo don't show up until the very end, and quite frankly, I think it's universally agreed upon that Apple Bloom is the worst of the three. (Not that she's bad or anything - just that Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo are better.)

Season 2 gives us "Family Appreciation Day". Awww. Bunnysuit Apple Bloom is so cute. I also like the Timber Wolves. (Though, seriously, why do we see them return a bunch but not the Ursa Minor? That thing was awesome!) The Zap Apples are kinda dumb, but they helped pave the way for Ponyville's origin story, so I'll accept it.

Season 3's episode yesterday was supposed to be "Just for Sidekicks". Spike and the pets are interesting, said no one ever. Angel is just being a straight-up asshole, and the other pets don't really do anything apart from just being there. Spike is also kinda being a jerk by not doing his god damn job. Yeah, not impressed.

Season 3's episode today was "Games Ponies Play". I don't care much for the Equestria Games plotline, because quite frankly, whenever it is mentioned, it reminds me of this terrible episode. Much like "Rarity Takes Manehattan", I hate this episode just because the main characters get everything that they wanted. I would love for Ms. Harshwinny to let another city host the games, but the characters realize that the Crystal Empire doesn't need to host the games, it's just a "would be nice" thing. And it would have made sense, after her mistreatment. But yet again, ponies just get whatever they want. Also, the tie-in between these two episodes felt very weak and not-needed.

And finally, Season 4 gives us "Pinkie Pride". I love this episode. Weird Al does a great job as Cheese Sandwich. I also like Pinkie in this episode, and all of the songs (with the possible exception of the first one) are all very fun to listen to. The live-action segments also had me on the floor laughing. So great.


Wow. Despite having to squeeze five episodes in instead of four, I still just barely managed to top 400 words. I'm definitely getting better at being concise. I LOVE IT!

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  1. Huh... somehow I didn't catch that screw up.... guess I'm an idiot too.

    S1 - Yeah, even now I still let out a sigh of dissapointment whenever a CMC episode happens. I just don't care for them like I do the main 6. And I have to disagree. Sweetie Belle is best, then Applebloom is distant second with Scootaloo being Scoota-poo.

    S2 - Another one that gave us history that I really want, but it wasn't what I wanted. Every time we learn somthing it just serves as a big letdown. Although to be fair, this episode was awesome because I had no idea it was going to be a flashback episode and it super surprised me, but other than that the actual content wasn't just so so.

    S3 - A Spike centered episode? An it was bad? Shocking.

    S3 - I absolutely hate the Equestria Games plotlline. For one thing it's the longest running storyarc, taking two seasons, and I just don't care. It's just some sports stuff, the fate of the world is not riding in the balance, WHO CARES!!! And let's not forget the actual payoff, we never get to actually see the games, they just skip past that and focus on Spike being a dofus. Anywho, this episode. Sucked. Too clean a plot wrap up, and again, it's just a game, who cares if they don't get to host it, and I'm fine with this kind of two parts of a story, multipart episode.... just wish it had been somthing more interesting.

    S4 - Decently funny, cool to have celebrities on, need to do that more, the songs were entertaing, all around a fairly fun if not outstanding episode.