Nov 11, 2014

Ponies Through The Ages: Day 11


Okay, so, "Winter Wrap Up". Does anyone remember anything about this episode apart from the song? Serious question. I actually had to rewatch this one, because my memory of everything else was so hazy. Anyways, one humorous bit is that Twilight laments the fact that she doesn't have wings. Oh, Twilight. You have no idea what's coming to you. Beyond that, the episode offers very little. It's mostly just "ponies being cute in the snow". And, of course, the song. DEAR GOD THIS SONG IS AMAZING. Sadly, though, that's just about the only high point of the episode.

"Hearth's Warming Eve" is a decent backstory for Equestria. You know, if not for the fact that it contradicted EVERY OTHER backstory of this place ever. Like, seriously. Star Swirl was Clover the Clever's mentor, but Scorpan was friends with Star Swirl in "Twilight's Kingdom"'s backstory, and that was when Celestia and Luna were in power, so it was therefore also after Discord's defeat, yet was when Star Swirl was a "young unicorn wizard", and it just makes no sense. If this episode existed in a vacuum, just on its own, I would like it. But when you put it with everything else, it just falls apart. Because the story and characters are genuinely good. It's just that it doesn't fit. But I still enjoy watching this version of the story. Like the title says, it is "heartwarming". Like, I just get good feelings while watching it, I dunno.

"Keep Calm and Flutter On" had such potential. Discord was free. We could finally see some more "The Return of Harmony"-esque chaos! YES!!!!! Oh, what's that? Discord is going to become a good guy now? WHAT!? That makes no sense, and would totally ruin this episode, if not for the fact that Season 4 shows that he was clearly faking his "defecting to the good guys" thing the whole time. While I didn't like "Keep Calm and Flutter On" at first, after seeing Discord's character arc of Season 4, I love it now. Also, seeing the Discord/Fluttershy interactions was pretty amazing, the two just seem to play off each other surprisingly well. It's so sweet.

(UPDATE: Yes. I realize that I talked about the wrong episode here. See Day 12's entry for details on why and for me talking about the right episode. Sorry.)

And on the topic of Discord in Season 4, "Three's a Crowd" in particular is pretty good too. If for nothing else than for John de Lancie singing. Yes please. Also, fun fact, John de Lancie has now appeared in just as many episodes of My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic as he has of Star Trek: The Next Generation. Woo! Princess Cadance is also one of my favorite characters (never thought I'd be saying that after "A Canterlot Wedding"), so it is nice seeing her again too.

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  1. S1 - I remember some of it, but yeah, a lot of it is kind of a blur.

    S2 - Hated this episode, solely for the canon obliterating it did. Also I vividly remember the disappointment because in the lead up it sounded like it was going to be about Luna and Celestia's past... oh what a waste.

    S3 - Good episode, although Discord was really reserved, not really doing much crazy magic. He could still cut loose while trying to be good and the episode would be the same.

    S4 - Okay Princess Cadance is not your favorite character... just no...... no! But overall a fairly fun episode, again, just getting Discord in there being Discord is always going to be a good time..