Nov 8, 2014

MLP Movie Poll and Candy Corn Crushes

Do you like candy corn?
It's so good! - (33%)
It's okay. - (50%)
It's disgusting! - (16%)

Whelp, while I was hoping more people would be passionate about their love of the best candy ever conceived by man or beast, I'm happy with the majority think it's at least alright.

And while we're all in the polling mood why not have another.  We all know about the announced MLP movie, my question is do you think it will be good or do you think they're going to somehow mess it up?  As in bad writing, CGI, throw in a random human, etc.

- It's going to be amazing!
- It's going to be alright.
- They're going to ruin it! 

1 comment:

  1. I think they will mess up at least a quarter of it.