Nov 1, 2014

Candy Corn Poll

Did you know that candy corn is basically the most delicious candy ever created?  I had forgotten.  After hearing some people close to me (cough Drom cough), and some Youtubers just absolutely trash the best Halloween candy, I made up my mind to see for certain whether it was as good as I remeber or as bad as everyone said.  Surprisingly hard to find (how can Walmart or Dollar Tree neither have candy corn on Halloween?!?!!? Food Lion got my back though), but definitely worth it.  I can't stop... I just can't stop eating them.  Every time I walk past the bag I grab a couple, they're just so freaking good.
Anywho, that was my bugbear the last couple days, what with savages putting down candy corn.  So here's our first poll in forever: Do you like candy corn?

-Yes, it's good!

-Me, it's okay.

-No, it's disgusting!


  1. I used to like it, but nowadays, I find that it's too sweet for my taste.

    1. Okay, I can live with that. It's just people refusing to touch the stuff calling it liquid dog vomit that make me scratch my head.