Oct 21, 2014

Rainbow Rocks Television Broadcast - Is it really that bad?


But besides that, I've gone through the whole thing and made a list of all of the changes that were made. (There are a total of ten.) I'm going to walk you through them and you can see for yourself just how bad it is:

Change #1: There's a scene early on that had Pinkie Pie and Applejack playing cards. This was removed.

Criticism: Overall this isn't too bad. It doesn't hurt the movie at all by its absence, and to be honest, I didn't even notice that it was missing until I started combing the movie for changes. So this one is okay.

Change #2: When Twilight tells her human friends what has been happening in Equestria since the first movie, the dialogue is shortened. Specifically, Spike doesn't mention the castle.

Criticism: Well, this one is one that I actually did notice, but the movie isn't hurt too much by it. The only thing that you miss is Rarity freaking out over Twilight's castle, which is a pretty funny joke, but you could do without.

Change #3: The slumber party scene was shortened. Nothing significant was cut.

Criticism: This one is one that actually bothered me. I liked the slumber party scene because it showed just how much the girls feel comfortable around Twilight. It allowed for character, and it was fairly heartwarming. Plus, it's just nice seeing everyone hang out every now and then, without worrying about someone acting like a jerk or some evil force coming to threaten their friendship.

Change #4: When Twilight first writes the counterspell, the bad version that they play at the band practice that is absolutely terrible has been shortened. You only get the second half.

Criticism: Wow. I mean, I know it's a bad song (that's kinda the point), but to eliminate SONGS from a movie that's pretty much all about music is a huge no-no. Not to mention the hard work that Daniel Ingram put into this. You really want to screw him over like that, Discovery?

Change #5: Snips and Snails's rap was shortened. You only get the first half.

Criticism: This one is an actual improvement. The rap did absolutely nothing in the grand scheme of the movie and was overall pretty bad and annoying to listen to. And with no background music, you don't get Daniel Ingram being screwed over again.

Change #6: Twilight and Flash Sentry never crash into each other at the Battle of the Bands competition.

Criticism: Okay, this is the one that I've been waiting for. This is the one that really gets my blood boiling. In the original, Twilight ran into Flash, who was under the Dazzlings's spell, so he was being very rude to her, causing her to cry. Here? That doesn't happen. Are you freaking kidding me!? It was necessary for Twilight to be depressed, so that she doubts her own self-worth. This provides a good explanation for why she struggles throughout the movie to write a counterspell and see that her friends are fighting. That allows Sunset Shimmer to do it instead, and then lets her save the day. Here, though, we get none of this breakdown, so it just comes out like Twilight is so incompetent that she cannot see the problems right in front of her face. Ladies and gentlemen, the princess of friendship. What a bunch of bullcrap. I don't know who the hell decided that it was a good idea to cut this, but whoever it is clearly needs to re-examine their decisions.

Change #7: Rainbow Dash doing a "testing" on the microphone (when Sunset Shimmer raised the volume) is removed.

Criticism: Eh, this is fine. It didn't really do much to the story either way, so I guess it's okay to be cut.

Change #8: When deciding which song to play, Rainbow Dash now just recommends Fluttershy's song right away, instead of building it up with "I know just the song".

Criticism: Well, I guess if you had to cut something, this would be acceptable, but I kinda liked the buildup. Even though we all knew it was coming, for the little kids watching (remember, MLP is still a kid's show, even if it doesn't feel like it), it does provide a good fake-out for them, if they think that Rainbow is still being arrogant.

Change #9: That incredibly awesome "Shine Like Rainbows" song from the credits is removed. It is replaced with another song. The song that it is replaced with doesn't play for very long, because the credits are shoved to the side and muted for the channel advertisements, so I don't know what the quality of the new song is. Also, instead of having that gorgeous artwork, the credits are just white text on a black background, like the credits to the TV show.

Criticism: You took out an ENTIRE song? One that is actually really good? And that artwork? What the hell is wrong with you? The most baffling thing is the fact that they didn't even need to remove this stuff. It's not like they were trying to make room for the commercials, because at this point, the movie is over. Granted, the song/artwork weren't needed to make the movie's story work or anything, but still. It was so good.

Change #10: The post-credits scene is removed.

Criticism: Well, there goes the best part of the movie. And there goes Equestria Girls 3. Guess we may not get it after all. I dunno. The future is looking less certain now.


  1. Wow, just wow. The ones that really get me are the Slumber Party, Flash Century, The Credits being changed, and of course the post credits scene. A few others being shorted/ removing jokes bothers me, but those are the ones that make me really just drop my jaw. Also I check and it doesn't seem like certain other sites are even talking about this. Why isn't there any outrage? I know I'm enraged!

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