Oct 28, 2014

Rainbow Rocks - DVD/Blu-Ray Evaluation

Remember how I went on a rant the other day about how Discovery Family Channel totally butchered Rainbow Rocks by removing all of the good stuff? Well...

...as we can see from my picture above, I am quite happy with the Blu-Ray of it. They have the theatrical version, including the post-credits scene! Whoo!

So, how does the DVD version fare?


Yeah, not as well.

Now, the good news is that the DVD version, just like the Blu-Ray version, does in fact contain the theatrical version, not the television version.

You don't have to worry, every single scene is on that disc, with no cuts made to the material at all.

Unfortunately, there's a glitch.

See, if you press "Play" from the menu on the DVD, it will trigger a bug and play Chapters 5 and 6 out of order. You can still play them normally by just selecting "Chapter 1" under "Scene Selection".

The Blu-Ray version does not have this problem.

Fortunately, if you happen to have a glitched version (like me), Shout! Factory (the company that makes MLP DVDs) is offering to replace the defective DVDs. You can order a replacement here.


  1. .......are you kidding me? Like are you actually serious right now. The most simple possible thing, that if you press play the movie will actually play.... they screwed that up? How is that even possible. It's like the really want to make watching Rainbow Rocks as hard as possible.

    1. At least they admitted that this one was a mistake, and they are trying to fix it.