Oct 31, 2014

Ponies Through The Ages: Day 0

Welcome to a new feature that I am going to be doing for the month of November: Ponies Through The Ages.

You've all heard me go on an hour-and-a-half-long spiel about each of the episodes of Seasons 1-3. Or rather, you all heard me try.

It's no secret to anyone that this type of thing didn't work out so well. Mainly because I either didn't talk enough about any given episode, or spent too much time on one episode. And there were too many tangents, and well, it was bad.

I was originally going to make another one, going through the Season 4 episodes, but I've kinda realized that this isn't really a good idea. I thought about doing it through text, but I doubt you guys are up to reading that much. (As far as I know, I think my rant about "Magical Mystery Cure" still holds the record for longest OIM post ever, probably by at least double.)

Then I realized what I could do: text posts that are spread out over a month. How this is going to work is that every day, I will post a new post on OIM. This post will contain my thoughts on one episode for each season.

So, for example, tomorrow, on the first of the month, I will write about what I thought about S1E1, S2E1, S3E1, and S4E1. Then, on the second, I will write about S1E2, S2E2, S3E2, and S4E2. And so on. Obviously, starting on the fourteenth, I'll only be writing about three episodes instead of four, but you get the idea.

I feel that this will give me a good opportunity to examine how much the show has changed over the years, hence the title "Ponies Through The Ages". I don't think that anyone would argue that Season 1 definitely has a different "feel" to it than Season 4. So it will be interesting to see what changes there will be that I notice.

Once I finish all of the episodes on November 26th, then I will devote November 27th to Equestria Girls, November 28th to Rainbow Rocks, and November 29th to what little information we have on Season 5 so far. Then on November 30th, I will make one final entry into this series giving an overall evaluation on how the show has changed.

Now, I know that some of you are going to say: "But GSS, your posts about stuff like this are always soooooo long. I don't want to be seeing one every day!"

And to which I say: You won't. One thing that I'm hoping to learn from doing this is to learn how to be more concise in saying my thoughts. Therefore, I am creating a self-imposed restriction on this: I am not allowed to use more than 500 words in any given post (with the exception of this one, and the final post). Given that each post is going to be talking about four episodes, that gives me about 125 words per episode, so I will have to keep things short and sweet.

Not much else to say here, but I hope you enjoy reading what I have to say about the show.


  1. Sounds interesting.... and I'll be the one criticizing your reviews for a change!

    Hmm I may need to go back and rewatch some old episodes, it's been so long, just so I can be sure to keep up with you. Which is a question I wanted to ask. Are you going back and rewatching the episodes, or are you just doing this straight from memory?

    1. I'm rewatching the ones that I don't remember that clearly, and reading synopses of the ones that I do remember, just to freshen up my mind.