Oct 22, 2014

Into TBS's 8GB Nanomachine Economic Disparity

In the mood for some talk about growing economic inequality?  No?  Me neither, but if'n you are there's this video, that's not technically Pony but it's clear it's the inspiration.

Need someplace to store your massive amount of pony stuff?  Well this isn't going to cut it because it's only 8GB, but if you want to by 50 of them then maybe... but then again it looks... kind of bad.  What's up with the blue eyes?  ....just why?

Apparently with news of the MLP movie being a thing it's kind of blowing up everywhere.  ...yay.. I guess.

And Johnny Depp embracing the fur side of life.  (Awkward silence) (Hushed whisper) I love you so much my Deppy-poo!

It's about nanomachines and aliens, that's more than enough to get hype over.

And just a friendly reminder, Bayonetta 2 finally comes out Friday (October 24), so if you have a Wii U do yourself a favor and pick up this game... and if you don't have a Wii U, get a Wii U, then do yourself a favor and get this game.

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