Oct 20, 2014

Duct Taping Japanese Funtasia

That's right, I'm bringing compilation posts back.  Aka, stuff that I don't really feel deserves it's own post, but is fun/interesting enough for a lump post.

Remember this?  I do, a trailer for what I assumed was a movie came out way back, and after some Googling it apparently is going to be a whole TV series.  When this drops, I'll have to give it a watch, not because I think it's going to be the next Pony, but because I imagine it'll be fun tearing it to shreds.

Japan PonyCon released an animation about their con, so yeah it's a wee bit far for me to make the trip, (and most people reading this blog I assume) but if you're in Japan November 1st it seems like it's a fun place to go.

Do you have a plethora of handyman jobs that you've been putting off?  Well now you can fix things in style with MLP brand duct tape..... or not because even I think that were' gong a little overboard on Pony merch.  When you tape something up you don't want to actively draw attention to it, "Why yes, this is broken and I did just use some tape to fix it." Amazon.com

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