Oct 11, 2014

Discord Flutter On, stupid name, amazing figure

Okay... this is pretty sick.  I'm not even going to lie, you done good this time.  It's pretty pricey at $100, but when you're used to buying anime figures all the time, that's a fairly reasonable price.  I'm sorely tempted, but I'll probably pass, mainly because I just realized that I order that Nightmare Moon figure up there about a decade ago and it still hasn't come out.


  1. You ordered that a decade ago? Wow, that's really impressive. You managed to predict the brony phenomenon before it even happened. Hell, you even managed to predict what one of the villains of the show would look like, a good six years before it aired! Be honest, are you really Lauren Faust in disguise?

    Joking aside, HOLY CRAP THAT DISCORD FIGURE LOOKS AMAZING. It's a shame about the overly-large price tag, but damn. I'd totally buy that if I had the money to burn.

    1. Maybe that was a bit of hyperbole, but it sure has felt like it was that long! Man that Discord figure won't stop tempting me.... stay strong Dusty, you don't need it....... but I do though.