Sep 9, 2014

Top Ten Pony Videos of August 2014

Boom, while the videos are moderate, we posted most of them this time.  I take every small victory I can get.... I'll probably order a trophy and place it on my mantle piece. "Dusty almost posted some Pony videos on the internet, thanks for trying"  My mom will be so proud.

Links where they always be.... if that's too mysterious for you just click on the link below.

[PMV] Together by TheAcleps:

Midnight Mares Trailer by DuoCartoonist:

HASBRO Vs. Bronies by ACRacebest:

PONIES The Anthology IV by ZephyrStar:

La Da Dee PMV by Theelinker/Heir-Of-Rick:

Cartoon Horse Program by AnAngrySockPuppet:

Leaving the Stable - Fallout Equestria [SFM] by Argodaemon:

Muffins.pon by SillyFillyStudios:

How Ponies Made the Season 4 by AgrolChannel:

Guardian by KanashiiPanda:

Honorable Mentions:

Con Fame by AnimatedJames:

Mentally Advanced Series: Episode 20 by FimFlamFilsophy:

Rarity's Nightmare by LittleshyFIM:

Opening Video:
Pinkie Pie Makes Fluttershy Take the Ice Bucket Challenge by Transmogrificator:

Closing Song
Couldn't You Just Simply Die? by General Mumble:

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