Sep 29, 2014

Rainbow Rocks shows up on YouTube!

Not gonna say anything, but someone was nice enough to upload this to YouTube...

You didn't hear it from me! *does a Liar Applejack face*

I'm going to be leaving a couple of embeds here, just in case one of them gets taken down.

Comparison: The first one doesn't have the camera as close to the screen, resulting in everything looking smaller (but quality is still high, it just doesn't fill the YouTube window). However, the camera is completely steady throughout the whole thing. The second one has the camera mostly steady too, but there are a few hiccups with that at the beginning of the second one. The second one also skips a bit a couple times, but it's barely noticeable. The first one does not have this problem, and appears to be filmed in one continuous shot. Finally, the audience is more vocal in the second one (particularly a little kid who's watching and, well, being a little kid), so if you want to watch it without annoying reactions, I'd take the first one. Overall, I'd say the first one is superior overall, but you may want to full-screen it so that you can get a zoomed-in projection. Also, the first one is Unlisted on YouTube, so it is less likely that Hasbro will take it down. (Though, with me posting this here, the odds of them taking it down are higher as a result. Deal with it.)


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  1. Perfect! That's what I needed for my review. Now everything can proceed as planned. The sex jokes, oh the sex jokes.