Aug 9, 2014

Top Pony Videos of July

Meh, a decent month, all man Dusty can't complain too hard... this time!

Links after break!

Everybody Hate's Pinkie Pie by Brainstorm:

Eat it up by Nightfalls Studios:

Blob Symphony by OhPonyBoy:

Mentally Advanced Series Ep. 18 by FimFlamFilsophy:

Derpy Eats a Muffin by Alfa995:

Project Thundercloud 2: Shadowbox:

Dungeons and Dragons: A Pony Reenactment Part 2 by OmegaOzone:

My Little Dashie [SFM] by Ferexes:

Rapunzel Meets MLP by ToucanLDM:

Horse M.D. by FluffyMixer:

Honorable Mentions:

It's Time for School! by AnimatorPhoenix:

Derpy [MLP IRL] by StormXF3:

3/6 Everyday A Little Death by Ink Potts:

Opening Video:
Maud Visits Pinkie by MrKupKake:

Credits Song:
Heartbeat, Heartbreak - Persona 4 OST:

Screenshot song:
Life Is Beautiful - Deadly Premonition OST:

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