Jul 26, 2014

SDCC MLP Season 5 Clip

Twilight saying "It doesn't make any sense", are my thoughts exactly.  I'm not sure what's going on here, but the whole our magic castle is now telling us to go do stuff isn't really rubbing me the right way.  Although if'n it get's them to go out and have adventures then that's alright I suppose, but it just seems like too much arbitrary magic bullshit happening to them.  Oh now we're all glowing, and things are moving and now there's a map, and now we need to follow the map.  I'm sure it'll be fine... but it didn't leave me impressed... although Spike murdering Pinkie's parents is pretty good, let's hope that it turns out the map can actually effect the Equestria, that'd be a good story line.

And is it just me or are Bronies that go to these conventions way to overly amused, they always, always burst out laughing the entire time at stuff that ain't really all that funny.... or maybe I'm just the old fuddy duddy, but come on guys get a grip.

Also there was a panel where they talked about season 5 and answered questions and it's literally all just "you'll have to wait and see" "it's a possibility" "we're considering options" so yeah, nothin' worth nothin'

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