Jun 18, 2014

AssasinMonkey Hall of Pony

Hall of Pony time?  Hall of Pony time.  Today is the illustrious AssasinMonkey!  Get your reading glasses ready because this is a good one.

1.Who is your favorite main cast character and why, then conversely who would be your least favorite?

Apples, Apples, Applejack, Apples. That about sums that part up of who's my favourite. One day I woke up to her with the episode Applebucking Season, which began my entire roll around MLP:FIM. Her personality just, the honesty, she knows, she focuses (sometimes in a nice bad way) and that stubbornness just makes me want to help her out even more haha. Strong personality, she could probably handle me at least. The things that are important or not important to her, like pff mud doesn’t hurt or trying to make things perfect thinking about everything, almost too many things (Apple Family Reunion). So cute.  Maybe I also have a thing for green eyes.

As for least favourite... oof. I'm so focused on Applejack that all the others sit on the sideline. If I had to choose it'd probably be Pinkie Pie or Rainbow Dash for sometimes being a bit inconsiderate in situations. Though I guess Rainbow Dash might take lead for blatantly boasting herself a bit over the top. Still, both of them have at least shown to not go the entire way in their bad traits (thanks writers!).

2.Who is your favorite non main six character(this can be anyone)?

Another one of those hard questions I haven’t thought about properly before! So many to choose from and for different reasons. I think somepony, or should I say somezebra, stands out as unique.

Zecora is quite an awesome character in several ways. Being incredibly wise with mystical powers which she does wield responsibly as well, being forgiving to others. Being aware of the intention and valuing that. The potions she makes and the fact she lives in a tree in the Everfree is pretty awesome as well! Not forgetting the mystery about where she came from, her history or origins.

3.Congratulations! You're now a Princess! Who would you be? (Celestia, Luna, or Cadence. No Twilight because she's too easy.)

Hah, oh my, that’s an interesting one to think about. Cadance, although nice, has never really clicked too much with me. That leaves the big 2.

Luna has that “inexperience” in her because she was gone for so long but also has the awareness about her actions to go with that. Plus the will to help others along with what she learned or knows, in dreams and such.

Celestia on the other hoof has had to make tough choices, aware of the weight her name has everywhere but also the responsibility behind it all. Being able to make greatly calculated choices, serious but also still fun and loose.

With everything that Celestia can bear, that sometimes lines in with what I tend to want. If I could take away a burden from others and carry it myself, I would given it doesn’t cripple me. Wanting to do things properly, trying to think it all through, I could see myself being in her position.

So yea, Celestia!

4.We've had so many episodes of Pony, but which one was your favorite?

Any with Applejack immediately comes to mind. There is one however that hit me in the soft spot so badly, a spot I never imagined the show would really touch upon, nevermind with the characters they did.

As some might’ve known or guessed, I’m all Applejack so when Season 4 Episode 13 “Simple Ways’ I just almost couldn’t handle it. It was so fabulous, just the topic and then Applejack and well… it just made the entire episode stand out so much for me. The Applejewel, the faces, the laugh (played that laugh the most out of any sound clip)

That episode almost hit too close to my mind hehe.

5.If you could change/improve/add one thing to Friendship Is Magic, what would you do?

A lot of things I’m thinking about sound simple, like more Applejack of course or more Monkeys (we’ve only seen primates twice of which one time was shorter than a second). Others things feel like they’ll be covered in the coming season, such as Maretonia and Saddle Arabia implying foreign relationships.

The staff does so many things right to me it becomes hard to see that what feels wrong. From the interactions, self-awareness, creatures, pacing, locations…. etc. Even the marketing, although spoiling a lot, I feel like that’s necessary for newcomers.

I’d stay with monkeys but then I thought… the deer!!!
It was disappointing seeing (hooved) Deer serving as pets rather than talking beings along the lines of what Cows or even the goats are. So yes, that’s definitely one thing I’d change.

6.Do you actively partake in any of the facets of the fandom? (Fanfics, animations, music, reviews, forums, news sites, buying merchandise, Rule 34, etc.)

Now do I? Since my birthday in 2012 I’ve started drawing ponies (easy day to remember), having graduated then and wanting to improve my art properly.

So ever since then, I’ve been making a lot of art. The entirety of season 4 I made at least 1 art piece per episode during a livestream. I stream live every day so I guess besides making art I’m also an Art livestreamer and often checking out other artists as well and places that talk about them (hint hint*)

Hopefully I’ll be able to actively partake in conventions as well, it’s usually the costs that get me.  2015 though...

7.Other than Pony, are there any fandoms that you are a part of?

There’s no other fandom that comes close to Pony regarding actively taking part of it. So there’s not really anything I’m exactly “part” of.

I am however still a big fan of Warhammer (both Fantasy and 40k). The universe is pretty awesome. I’m pretty fond of the idea of universes in general, MLP and Warhammer take my main interest.

8.How would you try to convince someone to watch MLP?

One of those challenges I’ve never really done before myself. I might end up wearing people down or slowly putting ponies in their mind by referencing it, where very relevant though! (wouldn’t want to become a bother) Perhaps my art side also does help as at least a start, having one hoof towards knowing about the show is already a good step I’d say.

Using the good change MLP causes as a lever point for more general discussions. Showing you can watch things friendly at any age while also showing a bit of action doesn’t hurt in the other direction either. The choices in show design I like, such as fast interesting pacing, continuity, world building, lessons, history/mythology.

I guess whichever topic feels interesting at the time and relevant I’ll see if I can mention it in a non-intrusive way. Or even mention things the show does without using the show, then later when people like all of that, say that MLP did all of that as well without them realising it!

Sounds like a plan.

9.Who/What has had an influence on you/ inspired you?

Hard to pinpoint anyone or anything specifically. On a broader scale however I think it’s the openness, of today and what the fandom is also doing. Being able to share things freely. Opening up to others, showing a bit of that softer side.

It’s something I also take into my art, showing the ways I fail, either live during a stream or in a work-in-progress or just “failed” piece. Not having to be afraid to be judged by everyone (still be some perhaps) but at least working away from those social “norms” or pressure.

I guess that’s a broad enough topic to span life in general and modern society. Taking away any negative judgement and allowing everyone to be themself. Perfection is still far and maybe simply out of reach, but it’s inspiring to at least have something going.

10.If you had one quote (from anything) that has really had an impact on you or just a saying you really like, what would it be?

I tend to create some lines in my mind, either trying to identify myself or to give a fun line to an idea. So, here goes one of them.

“There are always possibilities, no matter how big or small the chance is, they are worth thinking about.”

There’s different ways of saying that, but for me it makes my mind go in overdrive, thinking and visualizing everything that can be connected, all the possible things, a web of life, of the universe, always open for more that I might not know about or thought about yet, but also exploring them when I do find them.

11.For the rising artists out there, could you give us a quick run down of your art process and maybe some tips or advice for us amateurs?

Trying to keep the talk about my own process short, it’s fairly aimed at priorities. Starting with composition, one of the most fundamental parts of an illustration, going into light, basic shapes and such. Then continuously smaller priorities like colour (which in my case relies on my shading) and effects. Small details where it’s important, simple but good enough in other spots.

Differs per style of course, this is my heavy contrast shaded style.

That’s kinda my process but I think for more general stuff I’d definitely want to add the following, perhaps more important parts. (darn, I can type a lot)

Goals, big and small, what is important to focus on and what is important to keep in mind. It’s great to have a big goal, like making a massive scenery with characters. But you can stare yourself blind at such a big goal. Keep it in mind for sure but don’t focus on it! Work on the smaller aspects that are part of it. Break it down.

You see characters, environments and others for example. What do each of those need? Characters need poses, colours, clothing perhaps, details, hair, basic shapes, light&shadow, expressions. Take any of those and break it down further. Learn clothes perhaps, how they fold, how to make shiny ones, dull ones. Or go with expressions, learn the expressions themself, see how eyes can be made, noses, cheeks.

Focus on those little tasks, especially as a beginning artist. A big part to art is your own mental library. When people say “draw a lot” it’s usually to learn and fill that library. Taking all those little steps.

One small step for art, one big step for the artist.

12.Just a little about yourself. This is open ended so you tell us anything you want to tell us/rant/gush about, anything goes.

Already ranted so much above!

Games are my thing, it’s the main reason I do art in the first place and it’s also led to me co-founding an indie game company (Can I drop this plug here, will I? I feel like such a cheeky monkey), named Jagaco. (http://jagaco.com/)

I’m an actual Ponkey Monkey thing (Pony Monkey), I want lots of AppleMonkeys.
My name misses an ‘S’ for a reason, multiple ones. You can make a sentence out of it, that makes no sense.
Also I’m bad at typing short things, I often end up thinking about other possibilities. Probably wouldn’t have needed to type that out…Monkey see, Monkey do… do.
My face is secret. I’m property of Applejack.

I do have my bad habits online, I don’t click that watch button on DeviantArt enough or similar things! All those awesome artists out there deserve all the watchers and faves. It’s one of those things I do always feel kinda bad about but has been very hard for me to change. (If it counts for anything, I do really try to keep track of names and do the remembering manually!, E for Effort?)


13.Obsession Is Mystery Question! (A new, random question every Hall of Pony) You've upset Applejack! She's raring for a fight and about to open a can of whoop ass. What do you do?

Let her open that can of whoop Ass as in Monkey.
If I did anything to upset her I probably deserve that, knowing it’s Applejack giving it to me I’ll probably still enjoy the entire ride. She can probably do anything to me and I’ll still like it.
If I wasn’t signed up as her personal slave already, I’d probably offer things like that, or anything else that could balance things out again.

14.And finally, who's the best site you know for Brony news, reviews, and everything nerdy inbetween?

Ooooh, Aaaah, hmmmm. I think that one place with those ponies, like with manes and tails. They also had some colour I think, I could see them and they’d be like there.
I think it was that place that threw something at me then I ended up making 2 ponies with 1 upside down.
Seemed like they were having fun, almost obsessed but I do also remember I had quite some fun with the freedom in making that. It was quite magical.
You could say… Obsession is Magic.

And that is the proverbial that!  Now that's a Hall of Pony I like to see, lots and lots of detail.  Thank you so much AssasinMonkey, you're a great interviewee and an even greater artist.  Everyone if you haven't already, go over to his DeviantArt and give him a look, trust me, you won't leave dissapointed.

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  1. That's a lot of Applejack lovein' going on in this post. Otherwise, this is overall legitimately one of the more interesting Hall of Ponies I've read.