May 21, 2014

WazzArt Commission Part 2, the NSFWening

(Yes, there is a bottom half, go here to see it.

You remember the WazzArt banner that's was super awesome, well I also got another one, but not one I can really use for say the site.  So I asked for one, and from that moment it turned into freaking Christmas.  What had happened was he sent me an almost finished sketch, I suggested an alteration, expecting a quick edit, and then I got three more pics... just like that.  They're sketches, but damn if they're not awesome.  Seriously, if y'all ever even think about getting a commission WazzArt is the nicest guy to get one from.  He'll try his best to get what you want, he's fast, and he's extremely reasonably priced.  Like I love this guy now.

NSFW OIM Image 1/finished commission -
NSFW OIM Image 2 -
NSFW OIM Image 3 and 4 -

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