May 6, 2014

Rainbow Rocks character designs and Bald Cartoons

Adiago Dazzle is her name, what her role is, and I'm going out on a limb here, probably rhymes with millain.

I don't think we've covered it, but yes, Sunset Shimmer is making a return.  In what capacity isn't know but if she comes back as a villain going, "Mwuah ha ha, I was faking being a good guy, now you all gonna get raped." Then that'd just be alright.

And another picture of Trixie, because damn she looks sick in that outfit.  If only her actual toy looked anything like that..... trust me I checked, it's no where near this cool.

And in other news, Equestria Girls is now doing this.  It's whole deal is basically helping kids with cancer feel better about losing their hair, so if'n you're interested in knowing more go over here.

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