May 19, 2014

Oh sweet Jesus no...Bronies: The Musical

This... this... I'm cringing at the awkardness already.  I'm made myself know about how I dislike watching things that are directly about Bronies, in fact I hate it, and even though they seem to be fully onboard and into the idea of Bronies.... I can only see this going down as insanely awkward and hard to watch.  I may turn out to be just freaking awesome and I'm perfectly down for a musical, but seeing as how it's on the other side of the country and I doubt it's going to have a video release, I won't be seeing it.  If any of you guys do be sure to send in and let us know what y'all thought.

"Bronies: The Musical is the story of three outsiders who find purpose, meaning, love – and each other – all thanks to cartoon ponies. Inspired by true stories, this musical love letter to the fandom experience will melt your heart if you have ever felt misunderstood because of what you love."

It's happening out in LA, so if you want to know more or buy tickets and whatnot then go here.

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