May 5, 2014

MLP FIM S4 E24 Equestria Games Obsession Is Magic Review

The one wherein I disclose I'm actually terribly squeamish, not about gore but something much more... embarrassing


  1. My comments on this video:

    1) I expected you to introduce yourself as "The Great and Honorable Dusty the Brave and Glorious".

    2) There actually WAS a Gilda cameo in this episode. Along with cameos for a bunch of other characters: According to MLP Wikia, Gilda also appeared in a certain Season 3 finale episode that shall not be named, but I didn't see her there.

    3) I'm pretty sure Blueblood's new cutie mark was just an animation error.

    4) Constantly pausing throughout the whole episode? That's EVERY episode of the show for me these days.

    5) Spike being turned into a lighter was actually already seen previously in "Pinkie Pride".

    6) At the 4:29 mark on this video: God I hate that stupid wah-wah sound effect.

    7) I thought that ice archery was actually pretty clever... I dunno how practical it is in a magic pony universe (I know it isn't in our universe), but hey, points for creativity.

    8) Yeeeeeeeaaaahhh,,, Twilight was a bit of a dick to Spike at the end.

    9) Well, I guess I'll confess something here: Twilight never actually let *me* down anyways. Magical Mystery Cure is an absolutely terrible episode, and I hate the method by which Twilight became an alicorn, but in terms of design, I actually prefer alicorn Twilight over unicorn Twilight. (And then GoldenSandslash quickly dodges the various sharp objects that Dusty throws at him)

    10) They didn't show much of the games, but I feel like they didn't need to. It was still interesting despite that.

    11) Hey, look at it this way, the season 4 finale, by definition, has to be better than the last season finale we got, simply because watching grass grow is better than that. Even during winter when the grass *doesn't* grow.

    1. 1.I forgot to add a title and had to spur of the moment it. Can't do the obvious now can I?

      2. Shut your whore mouth! (follows link) Oh, not much of a come back. Fine I guess she's in it a small, blink and you'll miss it, blurry way. .....Yeah I'm not counting this.

      3. Animation error? Or Hasbro conspiracy?!?!

      4. Well I pause a lot anyway to write down notes, but yeah, this one I needed breaks. And well, there's always next season, maybe it'll get better? (Dusty's eyes are cold and dead, there is no hope left there)

      5. And it was dumb then.

      6. ......... I'm sorry.

      7. Yeah it was creative, but out of left field and with no real basis for it.

      8. Wasn't she though.

      9. You can't dodge my pointy sticks forever!

      10. Yeah, but I kind of wanted the payoff for all this build up of "the games are coming" to be more... about the games I guess.

      11. Oh yes, I've got high high hopes for the finale. An actual villain, nothing (at least hopefully) that'll ruin all cannon, Discord's in it, and it's a two parter. It's gotta be good, it's just gotta.