Apr 23, 2014

WazzArt Hall of Pony

I mean look at Maneia and Nocturna in that pic...... this artist is a true visionary among men.

Ring the bells and and jump for joy, it's a new Hall of Pony!  Today we have WazzArt, a very talented artist who both delves into SFW and NSFW art.  I'll only be posting his SFW stuff here, but I urge you to go check out his NSFW tumblr LegalGuyFun for some seriously good rule34.

1.Who is your favorite main cast character and why, then conversely who would be your least favorite?
All of them, but mainly Twilight. She's pretty much the "Jack of all Trades" in the show.
Least favorite would have to be Rarity. She just reminds me too much of a valley girl.

2.Who is your favorite non main six character(this can be anyone)?

3.Congratulations!  You're now a Princess!  Who would you be?  (Celestia, Luna, or Cadence. No Twilight because she's too easy.)
Luna. I'm nocturnal.

4.We've had so many episodes of Pony, but which one was your favorite?
Season 2 episodes 1-2. They're pretty much one episode.

5.If you could change/improve/add one thing to Friendship Is Magic, what would you do?
More violence.

6.Do you actively partake in any of the facets of the fandom? (Fanfics, animations, music, reviews, forums, news sites, buying merchandise, Rule 34, etc.)
I guess I do.

7.Other than Pony, are there any fandoms that you are a part of?
WarHammer 40k.

8.How would you try to convince someone to watch MLP?
Just have them watch it. If they don't like it, they done like it. If they like it, then they just walked into something they can't control.

9.Who/What has had an influence on you/ inspired you?
Honestly, none. But the one that would have would be Twilight, just due to her mothering nature and need to learn.

10.If you had one quote (from anything) that has really had an impact on you or just a saying you really like, what would it be?
"Victory needs no explanation, Defeat allows none."

11.For the rising artists out there, could you give us a quick run down of your art process and maybe some tips or advice for us amateurs?
Practice and experiment. If you don't know what something looks like or how it works, go look at it.

12.Just a little about yourself.  This is open ended so you tell us anything you want to tell us/rant/gush about, anything goes.
I have a very competitive mind-set when it comes to art. When I see an artist that has incredible artwork, I go into a state of envy, jealousy, hate, and depression. But it only makes me want to become a better artist. I have a love/hate relationship with my art...

13.Obsession Is Mystery Question! (A new, random question every Hall of Pony) Fluttershy has physically stolen your genitals and refuses to give them back, what do you do?
Kill her, and find the nearest hospital.

14.And finally, who's the best site you know for Brony news, reviews, and everything nerdy inbetween?
Obsession Is Magic now, I never had a site for that till now.

And that's another Hall of Pony under all of our belts.  Thanks again WazzArt and keep on with your awesome artwork.

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  1. Seriously though, that commission is the greatest thing ever. It's literally perfect.

    Don't like Rarity? But that's scientifically impossible!

    Can't go wrong with Discord's first appearance and arguably the last of the truly good MLP episode golden age.

    "More violence." Yes, you're speaking my language.

    I completely feel you about getting those emotions towards other artists. Sometimes when I compare my art to other peoples work it can get super frustrating, especially when they make it seem so easy.

    Close but I was looking for, kidnap Fluttershy, find a back alley unicorn to cast a spell turning Fluttershy into a penis that you would then magically attach to yourself, thus having a magical talking penis.