Apr 9, 2014

ThatAmericanSlacker Hall of Pony

(Fan suggested Special)

Gather round children, it's time for Hall of Pony.  Today's interview is a special one because he is the main inspiration for how I now do videos.  So if you enjoy my reviews then you really, really need to check out Pwnies.  That's right, today we have ThatAmericanSlacker of Brainfreezerr Studios.

(Since they're video embeds instead of interlacing them every other question I've cherry picked a few and placed them at the bottom.)

1.Who is your favorite main cast character and why, then conversely who would be your least favorite?
- Favorite? Tough decision between Fluttershy and Rarity. Both are great characters, but Rarity always makes me crack up. She's so spoiled and yet so elegant that when she does something like that running couch gag in Lesson Zero I can't help but burst out in laughter. As for least favorite, Twilight Sparkle. I know she's the main character, but the other ponies have much stronger personalities compared to her. On the bright side, she's voiced by Tara Strong which means I can easily squeeze in lines from Drawn Together and Lollipop Chainsaw. (The latter is actually in Episode 26)

2.Who is your favorite non main six character(this can be anyone)? 

 - Lyra's hands. Serious Answer: Discord. I don't think anyone else could troll Picard from TNG or walk you through a scientifically twisted manor (Quantum Conundrum!) And yes, I will get to those episodes one day.

3.Congratulations!  You're now a Princess!  Who would you be?  (Celestia, Luna, or Cadence. No Twilight because she's too easy.)
- I'm literally the male version of Princess Luna. Her behaviors (especially in Luna Eclipsed) is surprisingly accurate to how I am in reality.

4.We've had so many episodes of Pony, but which one was your favorite?
- I've only seen all the episodes of Seasons 1 and 2 (I'll be watching 3 since I'll be doing Pwnies on that as well) so for now it's "Lesson Zero". I want to say why, but I want to leave those jokes for when I do that episode of Pwnies.

5.If you could change/improve/add one thing to Friendship Is Magic, what would you do?  
- NO PRINCESS TWILIGHT. That and the background music can be a bit bland sometimes.

6.Do you actively partake in any of the facets of the fandom? (Fanfics, animations, music, reviews, forums, news sites, buying merchandise, Rule 34, etc.)
- Not really, Pwnies is really the furthest I've gone as for as producing goes. After that I have Season 2 on iTunes. Even there some of my friends think that's too far.

7.Other than Pony, are there any fandoms that you are a part of?
- I don't actually consider myself a fandom guy, but if there's a fandom behind something, chances are I've checked it out for myself. But if you haven't seen the newer versions of Pwnies, I discovered that 80s EPCOT is the best thing evar.

8.How would you try to convince someone to watch MLP?
- Funny enough, that's how Pwnies got started. I'll tell the story here: Back when Season 1 was still relevant I tried to show my friend the first episode of the series. I was like "Dude, I know this sounds crazy, but what I'm about to show you doesn't suck". Not even five seconds into the video he was like NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE nope. That's when I started thinking of a way to introduce people to this show that surprisingly doesn't suck without forcing them to watch it. Around this time I was experimenting with new ideas on how to bring in more people to this channel (Brainfreezerrr) One of these ideas is now my #2 most watched video, "Nyan Rolled". But the one I want to focus on is a video originally titled "Friendship is Magic For People Who Don't Like Pwnies". It was never actually meant to be a series at all. One video, maybe two if the first one did well. Needless to say, it did well. Said friend loved it, and apparently so did the 100 or so people who saw it that week. For the first time people started asking me to make more of something. For the first time I finally had an audience. That friend I mentioned? He's an even bigger fan of the show than I am now. That same year he ended up getting one of those rainbow "BRONY" shirts. In the course of a year I witness people who went from "I don't like MLP but I like this" and "If MLP was like this I'd probably watch it" to "This made me become a brony" and "I showed this to my brother who doesn't like MLP and he said he liked it". By the time those Content ID claims dropped like an Atom Bomb on the whole series that first video had 13K views. That might not sound like a lot, but before Pwnies my videos had trouble breaking 100. Overall, if there's anything I've learned from all this it's https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1aAINEjogdw

9.Who/What has had an influence on you/ inspired you?
- Pwnies was originally going to be done more like Nostalgia Critic, but I've had a bad history when it comes to being in front of the camera. That's the reason for the text. Other than that, Mel Brooks, Monty Python, Whose Line is it Anyway, Animaniacs, Chuck Jones, Stanley Kubrick, LittleKuriboh, and too many others to name. Basically if I reference something more than 5 times that usually means it has a huge impact on me.

10.If you had one quote (from anything) that has really had an impact on you or just a saying you really like, what would it be?
- My storyboarding teacher once told me "not to do something that's never been done, but rather something that's never been done by you". On a broader scale you have Pwnies alongside an original animated web series (Matt 'n' Dusty), a show with action figures (Video Game Legends), and now a video game parody series (Gamesnark). Even within a series like Pwnies you have stuff like the fan request episode (which is my favorite Pwnies out of all of them so far and I really didn't want to remake that one since it worked so well before) and Episode 28 is going to have something that will really flip your perspective on that episode.

11.For the rising artists out there, could you give us a quick run down of your art process and maybe some tips or advice for us amateurs?
- For video editing I use Sony Vegas (I find Premiere confusing) Other than that the best time to start is now, as you'll only get better through time, experience, and a lot of experimentation.

12.Just a little about yourself.  This is open ended so you tell us anything you want to tell us/rant/gush about, anything goes.
- I'm currently an animation student, specializing in 2D with some film-making on the side. Other than Pwnies, I'm also working on Season 3 of Matt 'n' Dusty, getting Gamesnark off the ground, developing an animated drama called Phoenix Diaries, and developing a pitch for Channel Frederator's Cartoon Hangover. Videos on Brainfreezerrr go up Fridays at 5PM EST.

13.Obsession Is Mystery Question! (A new, random question every Hall of Pony) You come home to find your favorite main 6 character, she beckons you to bed, upon completion you discover that it was in fact Queen Chrysalis, what do? 
- Well since this IS Chrysalis we're talking about I only feel this comic is appropriate:

14.And finally, who's the best site you know for brony news, reviews, and everything nerdy inbetween ?
-Tubgirl.com. (don't actually link that site this is a joke ;)) ... Also that Obsession is Magic blog is kinda cool too I guess.

15. Know you didn't ask this but still interesting thing to point out: I first started watching the show when "Call of the Cutie" had just came out. January 2011. Saw a lot of pony in my deviantART inbox and got curious. Couple hours later I realized it was one of the few animated shows of the time to have actual effort.
And that is the end of that.  Another great addition of the Hall of Pony!  ThatAmericanSlacker, we here at Obsession Is Magic thank you!

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  1. "Lesson Zero", I don't think you really need to explain, that's one's pretty self explanatiory.

    Haven't seen season 3 yet? Brace yourself for mediocrity and utter catastrophe.

    "NO PRINCESS TWILIGHT" A man after my own heart!

    "Episode 28 is going to have something that will really flip your perspective on that episode" I'll just have to await on bated breath then!

    Yeah, I'm a Sony Vegas guy too. All the other programs I've tried we're to filled with weird bullcrap, Vegas is straight to the point and let's you do what you need to do.