Apr 7, 2014

Testing, Testing, 1, 2, 3 Obsession Is Magic Review... or lack of

So I was busy this weekend, some stuff came up with friends Saturday and then I did that Crepuscular Bronies Discuss Livestream Yesterday plus some other friend stuff that night... so I didn't have time to do an actual review.  For a show that's all about the magic of friendship I figure choosing to blow of my friends would have been very hypocritical, so you can't get mad at me!  I figured the CBD thing would be enough to get most of my points across so if you didn't catch that I'll post it once it goes up on Youtube.

But I did write down some notes as I watched the episode, so if you are just really interested in my opinion then I'll pasted then unedited below.

S4 E21 testing testing 123

Fairly good episode, felt like a season 1, where Twilight is the main character and has to solve a simple friendship problem with all the main six coming in and adding their two cents.

How many freaking times does Rainbow Dash have to prove herself.  Saved the world countless times, saved the wonderblots, beat the wonderbolts, passed the acedemy, can do moves that were once thought to be impossible legends.  And now if she fails a history test she can't be a wonderbolt?  Fuck this, either stop making her have to do yet another test or just go ahead and make her one.  And it's not even being in the wonderbolts, it's the wonderbolts reserve.  And so does that mean that she's now a wonderbolt now or what.

A neat thing was that twilight was flapping her wings slightly faster than rainbow dash, indicating that she's still uneasy about flying and trying too hard.

Twilight - "I'm not that tall", okay that's a weird thing to get offended by.

The history of the wonderbolts movie, if there's a movie why didn't they at least try it.

EUP Guard, Earth Uniocrn Pegasi Guard... uh so the royal guard, why not just call it that because earth unicorn pegasi guard sounds dumb.

Platoons, squadrons, Generals, and so on, there's no beating around the bush any more, Equestria straight up has or had an army, which means war is a thing in Equestria which means grimdark wins.

Spike just randomly comes in with drums... da fuck

General Firefly, a reference to g1 firefly.  which maybe is saying that g1 is part of Equestria's past.

Knowing somethings history is no where near as important as being able to do it

To be such harmonious friends Twilight and Rainbow Dash sure turned on each other fast.

Rainbow says Twilight can barely get off the ground but Twilight is show as flying fine, she never seems to struggle and can fly high enough to reach the clouds.

The whole time they tried to force Rainbow to learn, maybe if they had just let her go home and try to study on her own then she could have learned.  The one way people actually study, just read the book on your own, they didn't bother to try.

And what the heck even was Rarity's idea. She made a bunch of costumes... uhh how does that make her learn anything

What was applejack doing when she just jumps in and drops a random Granny Smith discovered granny smith apples fact... uhh Applejack go home, we're trying to help Rainbow Dash right now.

Pedal helicopter, Pinkie needs to file a an infraction of copyright claim.

Just because rainbow dash is freakishly observant why she's flying that doesn't mean she should automatically be able to remember all of it.  Perceiving your surrounding is one thing, having a photographic memory of everything you see and hear is another.

The CMC are disgusting pigs, they couldn't even bother wiping their moves.

so rainbow dash being sad made a storm cloud, is that how all storm clouds are made.  when enough ponies are depressed does it mope up a storm.

work on rock farm = loser work, racist rainbow dash

 Jesus to learn rainbow has to have a production.  "it all came from you" uh no, it came from half the town taking time out of the day to perform silly reenactments that you just somehow didn't notice and thought was normal every day goings on.  So no, it didn't all come from you, but all your friends.

Rainbow says that after Luna was banished to the moon Celestia needed protective forces.... from what?  If Nightmare Moon was gone was what the threat that her a god like alicorn needed protection from.

Why did they have so many Luna and Celestia wigs, ones for the pets and for rarity and Fluttershy?

and what the heck was up with all the giant cardboard signs.  they were just pictures of Wonderbolts, what the heck was that supposed to be teaching her?

Lesson, one way or learning isn't better than another.  Uhh yeah, if you can just read /listen in class and learn it's a hell of a lot better then being a spaz with major add that needs a city wide production every time you need to remember anything.  So you know what, some ways of learning are way better than others because some just aren't in any way practical.

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