Apr 14, 2014

So about over the weekend...

Cropped out the rest of the pic but if you want to see the whole thing in all it's glory then go to either Deviantart - Just An Average Checkup  or Derpibooru.

I may have said I was going to do a video and post it over the episode-less weekend, but the ideas I had didn't work out because I need a bit more preparation.  So I will be recording some new videos, several different things actually, but I don't want to rush them.

But I did finish up a sketch I had been working on.  I tried doing their eyes a bit differently, and it looks fine (at least to me) in this pic, but not sure if I'll use it for all coming pics.

First foray into Rule34 with my characters, not going to make this a frequent thing, but I've been in that kind of mood lately.  Wasn't originally going to be tentacles but I screwed up and had to try and save it the best I could, so tentacles just sort of happened. Also screw Autodesk, it's the best thing to draw with on my tablet but boy is it a buggy piece of bullcrap. Almost screamed with frustration on more than one occasion sketching this out.

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