Apr 24, 2014

Skylanders: Trap Team

Don't you dare say it...
Okay, okay, first things first... Why am I suddenly deciding to make a post about the fourth game in a series that we've never talked about on this blog before now? ...Because of strange Easter sales...

For those of you aren't aware of this whole "Skylanders" thing, it's a video game series. A video game series aimed primarily at a younger audience, in which collectible figurines can be placed on a "portal of power" USB accessory and pop up in the game as playable characters. And, APPARENTLY, it's a pretty big thing... I, however, was blissfully unaware of just how big it was until sales on the games and their associated figurines started popping up EVERYWHERE slightly before this year's Easter. "Come on, everyone! Buy these things and stick 'em in your kid's Easter basket!"
It was a genius marketing plan (Or perhaps a "trap", dare I say?), and I fell into it headfirst...
According to an article from IGN: "The Skylanders series has crossed the $2 billion in sales threshold, Activision has revealed. With 175 million toys sold since 2011, it makes the series one of the top 20 highest-selling video game franchises of all time."
And now... I'm here to tell you that there's actually a good reason for those absurdly large numbers. This game is ADDICTIVE. Fun, quirky, and exploding with personality. To me, it feels something akin to the experience of becoming a brony all over again. Only, this time, I've joined the ranks of the "portal masters".

Of course, just as I'm in the middle of playing catch-up with this series, they have to go and announce another new game that's set to come out this Fall... "Skylanders: Trap Team"
This time around, the gimmick is that you can use special crystals to trap certain villains and turn them into playable characters to fight alongside your Skylanders. Personally, I think this sounds awesome, and it leaves me with a certain feeling of curiosity... I mean, this seems like something that would be perfect for the final game of the series. After this, where can they possibly go next?

Anyway, enough of my senseless babbling. For anyone who may be interested, I've embedded the new reveal trailer below, and you can check out the official website for "Skylanders: Trap Team" by clicking here.

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  1. With all your unrelenting peer pressure I may have to buckle under and play this.... but after I play Bayonetta 2. That my current gaming priority.