Apr 7, 2014

Pony Pics 226

Sanction 'Cycl' Sever by AssasinMonkey
An OC, that's not mine, as the header image?  You know it's got to be something special for that to happen.

And you guys probably thought I was just going to skip Pony Pics again.

Why is it that Spike is one of the worst characters, but get's some of the coolest fan art... why is that!!?!

Soarin and Dash Breezies by NabbieKitty
As much as I hated them becoming Breezies, they don't look half bad as them.

Transcendence by CosmicUnicorn
I'm not 100% sure what's going on here, so I'm just going to assume it's epic.

In the clouds by AssasinMonkey
Still not sure how Pegasi and alicorn can make clouds both substantial and insubstantial at whim... and the whole "magic" argument just doesn't cut it..... these things keep me up at night.

I Banish you to the Moon by Raikoh-illust
....I really want a Luna wig like that.  Then maybe I could finally be fabulous.

That moon (or planet or whatever I can't tell) looked like a penny at first, so now I can only imagine Nightmare Moon as a villain on a tight budget.

Just about all she's good for.

...I never realized how badly I need this crossover.

Stupid sexy ponies and humans section

The Original Costume by Kaliptro2
Who say's ponies aren't perverted?  Just look at the cut on that outfit, showing off so much flank, it's lewd it is!

I said I had lost favor for Sweetie belle... but now it's mysteriously come back.

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