Apr 1, 2014

"My Little Pony: Dragonfire" Spinoff Show officially announced.

The Hub apparently wasn't satisfied with announcing just one new spin-off show today! Nope, they wanted to announce another.

My Little Pony: Dragonfire is a sci-fi series set in the distant future about a group of characters (implied to be humans, but it isn't really clear) on a starship traveling the galaxy trying to locate Equestria, the land of ponies.

Unlike the previous spinoff show that was announced today, this one looks to be genuinely pretty awesome! Can't wait until it airs!

Check out the trailer below.

[And yes, this is just another April Fool's Day joke that The Hub pulled on us. It's a shame too, this one actually looks really good.]


  1. Ain't no joke that this is seriously cruel Hub Network. I'd watch this in a heart beat.

  2. Also thanks for the catch GS, didn't think to check the Hub channel.