Apr 30, 2014

Equestria Academy - EQG series?

So at a recent licensing fair this dropped and God only knows what it actually means but here's the translation.

"Equestria Girls, the parallel universe that features humanized fillies My Little Pony versio is not forgotten the contrary! Hasbroplans to develop the first movie via a new animated series that should be called Equestria Academy that will introduced in France in November 2014 when Kidexpo!"

Equestria Academy, does this mean they're making a flat out new tv series, aka what we thought Equestria Girls was going to be in the first place.  Are they talking about short webisdoes, like they've been doing in the lead up of Rainbow Rocks?  Or are the saying this is going to be a new series of movies?  Or could this mean absolutely nothing at all?

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