Mar 19, 2014

Zolombo Hall of Pony

Hall of Pony time.  Before anyone sees the pattern, these probably aren't going to keep to a schedule, I'll just throw up new ones, when I have them/has been long enough since the last Hall of Pony.  Today's Hall of Pony is on Zolombo, aka that guy who made this awesome banner.

1.Who is your favorite main cast character and why, then conversely who would be your least favorite?

Fluttershy! Why? I think kindness it's a rare quality which is unappreciated in the world. Besides it's easier for me to understand Fluttershy than other ponies.

Least favorite... probably Rainbow Dash she is very egocentric for a element of loyalty in my opinion.

2.Who is your favorite non main six character(this can be anyone)?

This is a hard question... I can't decided between Nightmare moon and Chrysalis

Evil candy eating pony by Zolombo

3.Congratulations! You're now a Princess! Who would you be? (Celestia, Luna, or Cadence. No Twilight because she's too easy.)

Luna - I would fit perfectly in this role with my nocturnal life style and my bad communication skills.

Princess of The Night by Zolombo

4. We've had so many episodes of Pony, but which one was your favorite?

My favorite episode always was Party of One. First appearance of Pinkamena is unforgettable.

5.If you could change/improve/add one thing to Friendship Is Magic, what would you do?

I still think it would be great if somepony will destroy portal from Equestria Girls... just in case.

Nuclear Mane by Zolombo

6.Do you actively partake in any of the facets of the fandom? (Fanfics, animations, music, reviews, forums, news sites, buying merchandise, Rule 34, etc.)

Actively? no...

7.Other than Pony, are there any fandoms that you are a part of?

No other show or fandom managed to get in my soul.

Gravity is for silly ponies by Zolombo

8. How would you try to convince someone to watch MLP?

Show them couple of clips from the show. That should be enough for people to decide if it's their thing or not.

Exotic Butterflies by Zolombo

9.Who/What has had an influence on you/ inspired you?

No one in particular. But all artists who keep their early crappy works to show that it's not a magic or talent that makes art, and overall creativity of the fandom made me try different things. Also there is plenty of videos on YouTube where you can see the process of painting and drawing to at least get some ideas how it works.

Way of The Rock by Zolombo

10.If you had one quote (from anything) that has really had an impact on you or just a saying you really like, what would it be?

I really don't have any quote that guide me.

But here is funny quote: "Get to the choppa!!!"

Daring Do and the valley of ancient... pony. by Zolombo

11.For the rising artists out there, could you give us a quick run down of your art process and maybe some tips or advice for us amateurs?
Usually I'm starting with drawing interesting lines - it could be anything mane/tail/spine leg/wing just to add some interesting flow to the illustration. Then I'm trying to build some forms and shapes with value to somehow fit this lines.

It's better to start working zoom out to get overall values and impact of the picture right. You can see a good painting from far away this including thumbnails of digital art. So if your work looks unclear from far away it needs some fixing. During painting your eye will get tired and will miss many mistakes so it's important to flip canvas to see your work with fresh view.

Also it's very important to know foundations (anatomy, gesture drawing, lighting, values and etc.)
Learning all this and building your visual library seriously takes a very long time, so if you want to draw and paint good you should start as early as possible... like NOW!

Princess of The Sun by Zolombo

12.Just a little about yourself. This is open ended so you tell us anything you want to tell us/rant/gush about, anything goes.

When I was a kid I used to sell matroshka dolls to the foreigners on the streets of Moscow. Standing alone on the cold all day was better for me (and still is) than speaking with people...

13.Obsession Is Mystery Question! (A new, random question every Hall of Pony) You come home to discover Rarity's tail sitting on your desk. It radiates an almost overpowering fabulousness. What do you do?

I'll try to find Rarity on the other end of the tail.

14.And finally, who's the best site you know for brony news, reviews, and everything nerdy inbetween?

Eh... Obsession Is Magic (creepy sellout smile)... and Equestria Daily.

And that concludes another thrilling installment of Hall of Pony!  Thank you Zolombo and we can't wait to see what beautiful art you continue to make, long into the future.

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  1. He's got a few other really good pics, but they've got boobies, so I didn't post them, but go check out his deviant art gallery for more pics.

    Ooh, epic Rainbow Dash burn.

    Party of One, probably the best episode. I'd have to agree that first seeing Pinkamena was life changing.

    "NOW!" Oh God! Uhh.. (grabs tablet, scribbles Maneia, cries because it's nowhere near as good as Zolombo).

    Mystery question is the same as last weeks? I bet you didn't expect that... MYSTERY!!!