Mar 10, 2014

Top Ten Pony Videos and Music of February

Top Ten Videos of February above and Music below.  Links to Everything after the break.

Top Ten Videos.
Intro Video
Twilight and Friends Go Out For Burgers by OmegaOzone:

Muffins The Musical by Random Encounters:

DramaPony.Avi by OhPonyBoy:

ピンクのFUN馬は楽しいが大好き! by Olibacon:

Let's Boop by Xaniyo:

The Prince by Crowne Prince:

PMV Collab - To the Sky by Equestria Collabs:

If Bo Burnham was on MLP:FIM by AnimatedJames:

MLP In The Sims Episode 2 by Yudhaikeledai:

FPMV Let Me Drive a Van Into Your Heart by FluffyMixer:

[マイリトルアニメ] My Little Anime by GalaxyartForever:

Honorable Mentions

Everything Wrong With Dusk's Dawn in 4 Minutes or Less by LittleshyFiM:

TwiDash: Hearts and Hooves Day [SFM] by Argodaemon:

My Little Pony: トモダチは魔法 Season 3 OP「Wonderful Rush」 by racecarghost1:

Credits song:

Love Live! School Idol Project: 「Wonderful Rush」:

Top Ten Music

10. "Someone Like Me (Acoustic Version)" - Aviators ft. Mandopony
Votes: 40

9. "Stop The Bats (Remix)" - The Living Tombstone
Votes: 44

8. "Under Luna's Sky" - VocalScorePony
Votes: 45

7. "Wave Hello" - Feather
Votes: 47

6. "Love Letters" - Griffinilla + Toastwaffle
Votes: 50

5. "Moonrise: A Symphonic Metal Opera" - The L-Train
Votes: 55

4. "Under The Sun" - 4everfreebrony
Votes: 56

3. "Fluttershy" - Forest Rain
Votes: 63

2. "Laughter" - AcoustiMandoBrony
Votes: 115

1. "Moonlight" - BlackGryph0n & Baasik
Votes: 120

Honorable Mentions:

#1 "Do You Want To See The Moon Rise?" - EileMonty & MEMJ0123

#2 "Pull Me Through" - Aftermath ft. LilyCloud

#3 "The Night Will Last Forever" - Tarby

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