Mar 12, 2014

Spoilers Poll Result

Should we hide MLP "spoilers" behind a warning?
-Yes, you ruin everything for me Dusty! (27%)
-No, I'll look anyway so more convenience! (27%)
-Eh, I guess it just depends on each spoiler. (27%)
-Dusty, do whatever I don't care. (18%)

Whelp, it looks like you guys are fairly divided.  So how about this.  If it's a big ole "Oh My God!  This changes everything!" Kind of spoiler, then I'll but it under a page break.  But if it's just a little something something that doesn't amount to a bunch of nothing in the grand scheme of things, then I'll put it on the front page..... also know as I'll just keep doing exactly what I've been doing.  This was fun, expect maybe more polls.

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