Mar 3, 2014

Spoilers? Do you care?

As a news site we often post things that may be considered spoilers.  I'm of the mind that the less that's hidden behind a "click here for more" is better.  The less you have to do to get to your information just seems a lot more streamlined and efficient to me, but that would mean putting things that may be spoilerish on the front page.  Example, the Hub reveals an image from the upcoming episode that shows King Sombra returning.  My question is this, since you guys are the readers I'll do whatever y'all want, should I hide the image behind a spoiler warning or are y'all fine with me just putting it up in the spotlight?

Should we hide MLP "spoilers" behind a warning?
A. Yes, you ruin everything for me Dusty!
B. No, I'll look anyway so more convenience!
C. Eh, I guess it just depends on each spoiler.
D. Dusty, do whatever I don't care.

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