Mar 22, 2014

Pony Pics 224

I can't believe I'm headlining this with an Applejack Pic and not a Maud one.... but that Applejack though!

And there's the Maud.  This could have turned into a post of umpteen Maud pics but I tried to cull out the deluge.

That's a weird position for your fingers..... I know I should make a boob joke or somthing.... but those fingers.

If it wasn't for that horrific brand running down her back then this would have been a good pic.

Why can't it be both?

Well after how we saw all the ponies absolutely loved the Breezies, this wouldn't be a half bad plot for Chrysalis.

What's the statue of limitations on making "she likes em hard" jokes?

I can't think of nothing, not nothing, so I'm just gonna slink on off and hope nobody notices. (combat rolls across the floor, knocks over tables, old lady throws purse, runs out door crying)

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