Mar 8, 2014

Pony Pics 222

...........Is this what seaponies would be like? ...........I've changed my mind, I now want the show to have seaponies.

WHAT!?!?!?!  A honest to goodness, straight up, no nonsense (or a lot of nonsense) text based, good old fashioned, Pony Pics?  No, your not dreaming.

On the top of a mountain on what looks like an almost sheer drop..... odd place to take a nap.

Seabreeze 2014-2014 RIP.  He never saw the leaf coming.

Fried griffon...... I'm inexplicably hungry now.

Sun hat designed to keep sun out of eyes, still gets sun in eyes.

I can't go back to prison! (Jumps out conveniently placed window)

Worst Princess cracks under pressure?  Who could seen that coming? (I need to wipe myself off becoming I'm dripping sarcasm.)

I'm voting we change The Mane-iacs name to Mistress Tentacle... I like that better.

.... Seems legit.

Think of all the fabric she'll save if all her dresses are breezie sized.

Not a fan of the whole batpony thing... but this one is undeniably kind of cool.

Sad ponies are like sad puppies, things that shouldn't happen.

Let's be real, if they encounter just one frog it's the end of the series;.

Dem eyelashes..... I love dem eyelashes.

A bad bad episode was the origin of this suit, but even pieces of crap like that can have stuff like this as a silver lining.

And that's all folks.  I promise it won't be months until the next one.

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